Concept2 Model D vs E

Keeping body fitness is not easy and we have to put in much effort to achieve the certain body goal in an amount of time despite may not have much time to visit the gym and doing the routine. However, worry not because we can exercise at home effectively with various equipment like Concept2 Model D vs E rowing machine. They will improve your stamina and cardiac health but before shopping, see what they can offer below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Exercising
– Why Choosing Rowing Machine
– What are Concept2 Model D and E
– What Concept2 Model D and E Look Like
– How are the Resistance of Concept2 Model D and E
– What else Concept2 Model D and E can offer
– Are Concept2 Model D and E Noisy
– Concept2 Model D Vs E

Losing Weight and Exercise

Overweight and obesity is not something we want to experience in life but sometimes we can’t control our appetite and ends up consuming more than what we should have or making a prolonged bad decisions when it comes to food choices. It is sure an issue in our society because it seems people are getting fatter and ditching the healthy or active lifestyle. While the real problem is not as simple as having great control, we should start addressing the issue as early as possible.

Besides getting a proper nutrition from our diet and starting to consume more “healthier” options like whole foods rather than processed ones, we also have to begin a more active lifestyle and one of the methods is by joining a gym. It is true that exercising alone is not going to help someone losing lots of weight without controlling the diet or food intake but the goal of exercising is to improve health and burn energy which we have to store; most of them in the form of fat if not being used.

Concept2 Model DConcept2 Model E
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Rowing Machine

If you already have a gym membership and currently visiting to exercise often, try checking what machine available in the room for chances you will also see one called rowing machine. It is underwhelming to see that not many people are using this machine because they often left at the corner and not as popular as for example treadmill despite being the same cardio equipment. This machine is actually an amazing tool to help people burn calories and tone their muscles; all in one.

For those who are not familiar with how a rowing machine will help you to achieve those fitness level, this machine is requiring you to exercise the upper body and it results in usage of large muscles on both the upper and lower body. The rowing movement itself will move all of our main muscle parts demanding to stress your back, chest, arms, legs, and abdominals. This way there is more energy being burnt in a powerful and practical way compared to many other cardio exercises.

Another benefit of using row machine is that they are actually a low impact cardio when done slowly and is a nice option for people with bigger body or overweight and have a joint problem because the machine will not stress them and giving some bad side effects rather than benefits. The rowing motion is natural and low impact thus, there is no stress on joints and great for people who can’t do weight-bearing exercise including those who are recovering from injury.

About Concept2 Model D and E

If you are a busy individual or have much to do at home and don’t have much spare time to go to the gym or just not very fond of the idea, getting a fitness machine for home use is a very nice decision because then we can still exercise without going anywhere. It is great for mothers who need to take care of their children or people who work at home to stay fit and healthy or maintain body weight. Read also: DeskCycle vs Cubii Pro.

Similar to many other fitness equipment manufacturers, there are so many companies and brands are offering them in the market and choosing one can be a difficult task to do especially when you have never owned one. But, to simplify the shopping process, we can see what the other users are purchasing because those will have a higher chance to fit your application as well and the brand is Concept2.

We are sure fitness enthusiasts are familiar with this company already because they are very popular when it comes to rowing machine and is a good place to look for your first machine. They also carry lots of choice for different users thus they can match the machine with each needs possible and talking about the company’s favorite machine, we will surely see Concept2 Model D and E at the top choices because they are very reliable and versatile for almost all types of users.

However, since they are close brothers, there are many of us who wonder if there is any point on separating the machines if they are coming with similar features, ability, mechanism, or even material. The fact is they are not actually identical or 100% the same from each other and while we don’t think the difference will make a much bigger effect from the user point of view, it still may affect yours. Overall these rowing machines are going to deliver a smooth and fairly quiet exercise at home.

Concept2 Model D and E Design

One of the main reasons why people are always looking up to Concept2 is because of their quality and this is true because the company has been long known to always offer reliable and long lasting products since being part of the industry decades ago. We understand that it is hard to set these Concept2 Model D and E because they are virtually the same as you can see on the sample picture above including the fashion choice for they do have the same variant to offer in both versions.

These machines are built with high quality materials and feels very sturdy as well as heavy but, it seems that the latter is made for gym use so we feel like it will last longer. For convenience, they are easy to transport because featured with folding mechanism to ease users when we have to put the machine aside for a period of time. What set them apart from each other from the design alone is the height of the overall machine for the E model is taller.

Concept2 Model D and E Mechanism

Moving further, let’s see these rowing machine closely and starting with the resistance type, we are sure many of you already know that these two are using air-resistance to provide the amount of resistance for exercising. The air resistance is very strong and closely mimic the amount of power needed to rows on water. It is created by the users when they pull the handle and let the movement spin its flywheel as it spins then, it must displace the air in front of it and causing resistance.

There is no level adjustment or similar options in any of Concept2 Model D and E because this resistance is adjusted manually by user themselves while they are rowing which mean the harder or faster they pull the row, the heavier the resistance will become. This system is convenient because we don’t need to change the resistance every now and then but both beginners and experienced users can still get the amount of exercise they prefer.

Concept2 Model D and E Features

Moving to the feature side, both of these machines are coming with damper setting in which users can adjust to fit their personal taste and this is not going to affect the resistance but more for adjusting the “feel” of these machines. Higher damper settings will allow more air into the flywheel housing and it means more work will be needed to spin the flywheel as well as slow the flywheel faster and require more energy to accelerate it to the next stroke while the lower damper is the opposite.

There will be 10 damper settings in each machine so we can conclude that from 6 to 10 will give you the feeling of slower, heavier boat while the setting from 1 to 5 will give a feeling of a lighter and faster boat. With other words, try to imagine that higher level will make a similar feeling like carrying passengers on your boat while rowing.

The next feature is a small display located at the front near the flywheel and just like other analog display, they will deliver a set of information. The one being used on these machines are PM5 which shows stroke per minute, distance covered, calories burned, pulse meter, heart rate with compatible monitors, and a USB port for data transfer.

Concept2 Model D and E Noise

Next is noise level and this is very important because none of us want to wake the other family member up while exercising or getting complaints from the people living next door. Similar to any machine with moving parts, Concept2 Model D and E will generate noise and it is like the louder version of an electric fan noises. They are not very loud but you can hear the spinning sound clearly yet, with an in-ear, most of them can’t be heard anymore.


Concept2 Model D and E are a good rowing machine to allow users get enough exercise right in their own home and these models are identical to each other on so many points but certainly different from the height and material because as it has been mentioned above, the E version is taller means we can get up and down the seat more comfortably by being measured at 20-inch as opposed to 14-inch while the steel used in this machine is more durable than D model.

Concept2 Model D vs E

- Low impact workout that engages all major muscle groups; work legs, core and arms with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion
- Track your progress with real-time reliable data; the Performance Monitor 5 (included) self-calibrates for comparable results; connect wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps (not included)
- Designed to fit most users: 14-inch seat height, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
- Indoor rowing is an effective full-body and low-impact workout; flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel
- Includes the performance monitor 5, giving you accurate, comparable data for every row; Adjustable monitor arm
- 20-Inch seat height, nickel-plated chain, Adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle; Construction: Welded steel


All in all there is no bad choice between these machines but if we are to recommend, we do see the Concept2 Model E as the better choice because it will be much more comfortable to have a higher seat especially if you are taller.

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