Cubii Jr vs Cubii Pro

Routine exercise is necessary to keep your body fit but unfortunately not all of us are capable of sparing some time during the day to visit the gym or running outside. If you are working behind the desk, Cubii Jr Vs Cubii Pro will be an amazing alternative to let you get a certain amount of physical activity right while working. They are placed below your table but a little bit different so go see which of them will be the better option here.

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  • Cubii Jr Vs Cubii Pro

Under Desk Trainer

Nobody want to gain weight easily and become overweight or obese because it is an unhealthy condition which may increase various health conditions. Exercise routinely is great to prevent gaining weight too fast and too much to the extent it is not safe anymore but, good diet will do much more if combined with an active lifestyle. The problem is that not all of us are willing to put in the effort and have access to a healthy lifestyle due to different conditions such as our daily job.

Us who are working 8-9 hours or more everyday mostly sit behind the desk while finishing whatever needs to be worked on and when coming home we are already too tired to cook properly or spare some time to exercise a bit. The best solution is trying to fit physical activities in our schedule and try to reduce instant, fast, or processed foods by getting used to cooking at home. However, for those who dislike moving too much, a help from an under desk trainer may be useful.

Under desk trainer is a very popular fitness equipment which is designed for busy people, prominently those who are doing desk jobs to allow them get some amount of exercise while doing their duty. They are very easy to use and just like a smaller version of your stationary bike or elliptical trainer in the gym. Their efficacy is not the best for weight loss but will be helpful to fit some physical movement while you are stationary without much fuss.

You probably won’t sweat enough with an elliptical trainer or under desk stationary bike but they do burn calories depending on how fast you move, age, weight, and heart rate per minute, The heavier their setting the more energy we spend and the faster our heart rate; for example 39 years old male at 188 pounds and a beating heart rate of 90 bpm will burn around 6.3 calories per minute or about 189 calories per 30 minute which is fairly good compared to not having foot movement.

Rather than for weight loss especially if used not without other exercise like weight lifting or cardio, an under desk trainer is an ideal choice for toning your body while you lose weight due to the diet. As you know we will move groups of muscles and this will help define them as well especially the leg muscles including your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, together with hip flexor over an amount of time pedaling. If you will sit closer to the ground but place the trainer further away, we can even tone the stomach.

Cubii JrCubii Pro
Product Dimensions23.2 x 17.6 x 10 inches22.8 x 17.2 x 9.8 inches
Shipping Weight29.9 pounds30.2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About  Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro

If these benefits seem attractive to you, getting the trainer will be a great decision because chances they can improve our fitness and the way they are easy to use without the need to put much effort will most likely make you stay using the equipment. Today, there are various brands offering the trainer and in general they will have the same mechanism but separated to either elliptical or pedal style which is more similar to stationary bikes but, elliptical is the most ideal for those with a lower table.

This is because an elliptical trainer doesn’t require your leg to move higher in order to pedal the equipment. Among those many manufacturers, Cubii is one of the most well-known when it comes to under desk trainers and this is because they have few useful and high-quality products. Their trainers are also very much affordable and ideal for young people as well as elderly who are worried about their joints and can’t do a high-impact exercise anymore. Depending on your preference, the model you want may differ.

Cubii carry two main under desk trainers in their catalogue, they are called Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro in which are related to each other or practically the same product with the latter as the big brother. Just like any Pro products, you will get an improved function of even additional features in this model over the regular or in this case the Jr version. However, the difference will not be for everybody and at the core these two are working as well as performing the same.

With Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro, you can exercise while working because they won’t get in the way of your task and the fact that they are elliptical, you don’t have to worry about whether the table is tall enough to accommodate our leg movements. They are also very comfortable to use and low-impact so it is not as hard to concentrate while using the trainer as long as we don’t pedal aggressively because we may need to get used to multi-task first.

Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro Design

Side by side these trainers are exactly the same in terms of built and form factor as well as design and material because they are similarly made from plastic with a pair of pedals on both side and a retention knob at the bottom surface of the middle panel. You may or may not put a mat under these trainers depending on the surface but if you have laminated or wood flooring we do recommend putting something in between to prevent any possible scratching.

They come in different shades with the Jr version has it in both silver/black combination and black/red fashion while the Pro has black/purple and black/cyan option. The machine itself is measured at 23.15-inch long, 17.5-inch wide, and 9.7-inch tall. The unit weighs 27.5 lbs. and for under desk installation, you will need a space at least 25-inch from bottom to the desk for a comfortable application. Read also: DeskCycle Vs Cubii Pro.

Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro Performance

Our favorite part of any elliptical trainer including Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro is their low profile and elliptical movement because it is ideal for usage under desk since you don’t have to lift the leg pretty high just to pedal. Elliptical trainer pushing the pedal forth and back rather than up and down and this is also very low impact on your knees. Additionally, when placed further, we can even tone the stomach area as well, but you will want to sit lower as well.

To make sure these machines will offer the proper level of resistance to the user, they are also coming with retention dial located at the top middle panel of both models. This setting is adjusted through a rotating knob and similarly, you will be able to adjust the retention for up to 8 different levels. This is great to make sure users will improve their performance over time and match your current level or goal. If stationary bikes often create loud sounds, it is not the case with these elliptical trainers because they are fairly quiet to not disturb your coworker.

Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro Features

Coming to the feature part, this is what set Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro apart the most because what you will get from the more expensive model is the additional feature that may improve its convenience and usefulness. Both models will be featured with a small LCD monitor located at the top of the middle panel and this screen will show you information including tracking the strides, distance, time, RPMs, as well as calories but the latter is also accompanied with Bluetooth.

Since the Cubii Pro is featured with Bluetooth, what you will be able to do with this model is connecting the machine to your Cubii App and here more information will be shown but mostly useful for those who are data driven. The app itself has a community letting you compete in groups and setting goals. If you are a Fitbit and Healthkit user, we can also sync the machine to the apps.

Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro Convenience

As for the convenience, these equipment is pretty much useful both in the office and in the house. They have a carry handle which is convenient to use while you move the unit to different spots or carrying them from room to another. Some users also use the handle loop to lock their product into a fixed object for security. Besides while sitting behind the desk, you can pedal while watching TV or just relaxing at home, making them ideal for almost everyone.

Cubii Jr vs Cubii Pro

Both of these trainers may not be the best for weight loss but are very useful to let you get an amount of physical activity without much fuss. They are very much the same with the difference of Pro model being the more expensive option as it carries Bluetooth technology as well to allow users to connect their trainer into apps and tracking their exercise more conveniently or use the app to motivate each other.

- Cubii is the leading compact ergonomic elliptical to work out while you sit at home and office
- Low impact on joints with 8 levels of resistance to increase your activity over time.
- Whisper quiet with a smooth gliding motion. Quick and easy assemble. 4 screws and you are done!
- Keep Fit While You Sit, you can multitask with the Cubii to make exercise a breeze.
- LOW IMPACT HOME WORKOUT - Designed with ultra-smooth gearing
- TRACK YOUR FITNESS GOALS - The Cubii Pro syncs steps, distance, and calories burnt with iPhone and Android cellphones, Fitbit smart bands, and Apple Health Kit, so you can set and track your goals!
- KEEP FIT WHILE YOU SIT - Workout while you work, rehab while you rest, this under desk elliptical can be used on the couch, at your desk, even at the dining table!
- PERFECT HOME EXERCISER - Unlike sit and stand ellipticals, Cubii is optimised for seated use, the low step pattern means that it’s easy to use under low desks


All in all you can pick either of them but consider the value of their app integration because not all of us are attracted to this function and if your goal is only to get some physical exercise, we recommend choosing the cheaper Cubiii Jr.


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