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Many of us are too busy to spare some time to do daily exercise and it is not a good decision to keep our body’s fitness because we need to move to train the body and makes sure some of the excess calories are burned away. If you find it hard to allocate the time, Cubii vs FitDesk are two nice machines to try because they will allow us to do light exercise while doing common desk jobs but before you shop, see which machine will be the best choice below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is Under Desk Trainer Good for Weight Loss
– What are Cubii and FitDesk
– What Cubii and FitDesk Look Like
– How are the Movement of Cubii and FitDesk
– How Many Resistance Available in Cubii and FitDesk
– What else Cubii and FitDesk can offer
– Cubii Vs FitDesk

Under Desk Trainer

Not all of us are fond of exercising and this is a problem when there is diseases like obesity is creeping in the corner of our eyes. It is understandable because we prefer to spend leisure time to probably watch TV, reading some books, or even sleeping because we have been so tired after doing the daily workload. However, it is great to spare some time each day even though it is just a little since a routine exercise is great for maintaining body fitness.

If you don’t have much time to spare or busy enough to only have very little free time everyday to go to gym or just to take a short run outside, we can use fitness equipment like a treadmill such as NordicTrack C990 Vs Sole F63 or any model similar to those we found at the gym to conveniently exercise at home. However, if you also don’t have much time at home or want to use the time working as a training hour as well, an under desk cycle or elliptical trainer are a nice choice to consider.

They have been around for quite some time now and if you have never seen one or heard about the name, they are actually very similar to any bike trainer or elliptical machine but without the whole housing and seating system. The compact design makes them suitable to be fitted under the desk and it is ideal to any office setting in which the user has to sit on their desk all day to finish some tasks thus, despite the daily tasks, we can still get the training amount as well.

The question about under desk trainer is whether they are effective or not because in general or mostly, people start exercising to lose weight and controlling the mass fat in their body so it won’t piled up and increase your weight. The answer is yes we can burn calories with these machines but will not as much as when using a full sized machine like a training bike and in general it also depends on a plethora of factors like age, weight, heart rate, gender, etc.

For example a male in their late 30s with a body mass of 188 pounds and doing exercise that will make the heart rate at 90 beats per minute will burn around 6.3 calories per minute or a total of 189 calories in 30 minutes. To lose body fat, people may want to burn an extra 3500 calories per week and it is attainable with under desk cycle or elliptical machine which not only useful at the office but at home as well when used while relaxing like watching TV.

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About Cubii and FitDesk

As the popularity of under desk cycle and elliptical machine is rising with the demand from convenient exercising, the supply is also increasing and we can see there are lots of companies out there offering their machine to customers who are seeking a way to maintain fitness or do some light exercise conveniently. However, you may want to know the difference of cycle type and elliptical type as well for they are different and depending on your taste, one might work better.

When it comes to under desk elliptical trainer or desk cycle, Cubii and FitDesk are two of the most popular or currently the most well-known brands in the market. Both of them are offering under desk trainer that we can place anywhere mostly under an office desk or in any flat floor to pedal the trainer but are different as well because one is a bike or cycle style while the other is an elliptical style. The basic difference is on the movement because as the name suggests, an elliptical trainer is not using a pedaling movement.

Cubii is an elliptical trainer and as you may already know, it is designed for people who want to get a light exercise the same as a regular walking while sitting on their desk and this machine is also featured with monitoring technology to make sure that tracking information related to the exercising activities are manageable. Similar to most trainers, it also carry some resistance level to make sure users are going to be able to challenge themselves after getting used to the machine.

On the other hand, FitDesk which is the direct competitor of Cubii is a desk cycle type or the one with the same movement as a bike pedal and it means we have to move our legs the same like when riding a bike as well but imagine doing it from a recumbent position. Overall both of them are very similar yet are also different which is great to let users decide which suit their taste better.

Cubii and FitDesk Design

From the design alone, we can say that Cubii and FitDesk are compact enough to be fitted under most common desks because they are designed to be effective when it comes to space consumption. Cubii is measured at 23.15-inch long, 17.56-inch wide, and 9.7-inch tall with a weight of 27.5 lbs. while the FitDesk is almost similar as well at 24.5-inch long, 16-inch deep, and 10-inch tall which should be find when fitted under a desk with a height of 26-inch.

We almost forgot to mention that the model we are talking about in this article is the Cubii Pro model which is their higher end version and supposed to work better with convenient features as opposed to the Jr version. FitDesk also offer various models in the catalogue but we are picking the under desk type since there are cycle that comes with the seat attached already, making them a full recumbent bike.

Cubii and FitDesk Movement

Now let’s move forward to the main difference which is the type of these under desk trainer and as you may already know, the basic difference is the movement itself because an elliptical trainer will not require as big move as when doing a pedaling movement. Naturally, an elliptical movement is more similar to a kicking sequence where our feet have to press the pedals down and slowly letting it back up. This movement will not require the knee to go too high to perform.

On the other hand, similar like any pedaling such as when riding a bike, a cycle will require our foot to press the pedal in circle movement. If the position is straight just like when riding a bike then our knee will be lifted higher but because the seating position will be a bit laid back, it is much more similar to recumbent bike in which the knee still go up but not as high as in upright position. The elliptical style benefit better in this side because there is a table we have to consider.

In case the unit is not being used below a table, both are ideal on every environment and comparing the stress they put on our joints, in comparison elliptical will be less stressful but since we don’t use them while standing, none should be a concern.

Cubii and FitDesk Resistance

To get a more effective training, we also have to elevate the difficulties and this is why there is a resistance adjustment in both trainers that you can set depending on how heavy the machine needs to be. Similarly, both of them offer 8 different levels of resistance and while this is not enough for any enthusiast or those who want to burn lots of calories or toning the muscle, it should be enough for a daily light exercise while doing other tasks.

Cubii and FitDesk Feature

Coming into the feature part, there is not much in FitDesk because this model is still using the more standard display mounted on the unit and it will show you information like speed, distance, and calories burned but, if you use them while working, we can use cable to put the display on top of the table for monitoring. Cubii Pro is more modern with Bluetooth connectivity and app for both Android and iOS as well as suitable with other fitness gears to provide information and setting up a goal more conveniently.


Cubii and FitDesk are a great fitness equipment to try so then we can use the working time as an exercise time as well. The basic difference between these trainer is on the movement because elliptical naturally easier and more comfortable for your leg especially while concentrating on something else and more ideal if you have lower desk at the office. The Cubii Pro in our article is also better in monitoring for it is already connected to your phone.

Cubii vs FitDesk

- Low 9.75 inch pedal rotation height; Can work under desks as low as 26 inches
- Smooth and whisper quiet bike pedal motion with balanced flywheel and twin belt drive let's you work without additional office noise
- 8 position magnetic resistance with foot shifter allows for hands free tension adjustment
- LOW IMPACT HOME WORKOUT - Designed with ultra-smooth gearing, Cubii home elliptical machines are ideal for exercising at home, or office, without stressing your joints!
- TRACK YOUR FITNESS GOALS - The Cubii Pro syncs steps, distance, and calories burnt with iPhone and Android cellphones, Fitbit smart bands, and Apple Health Kit, so you can set and track your goals!
- KEEP FIT WHILE YOU SIT - Workout while you work, rehab while you rest, this under desk elliptical can be used on the couch, at your desk, even at the dining table!


All in all we should pick the one that fits our preference the most but between these trainers, we do like Cubii especially Cubii Pro better because it feels comfortable and very convenient with the mobile app.

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