Deskcycle vs Deskcycle 2

Good news for those who love to perform home exercising. Mainly if you love to play under desk bike while doing any other activity. Whether at home or in the office, this product will manage to help you keep exercising in the middle of your busy days. One of the best products to try is Deskcycle that one of the best 3D solutions for fitness and exergaming. If you wish to compare the first version and the new one, then you will need to consider the below paragraphs. They will provide you a better overview of which version is more worthy of money.

General Overview

Deskcycle is a new product innovation that relies on its strength of engineering expertise and customer support. Therefore, they committed to bring the most suitable product for their user. Most of the products come from customer feedback and suggestions. Including when they launch Deskcycle and continue with Deskcycle 2. This under desk exercise bike is one of the highest quality among other brands. Therefore, many customers mention their satisfaction after buying this product. Read also: FitDesk vs DeskCycle

Continue with the success of the first launch, then the Company decides to launch the second version. It has been mention in the official webpage that the second version improving in the pedal heights. Therefore, this might need to suit everyone intense in selecting the suitable heights of their preference. However, even this may look simple, but improving the pedal height adjustment is quite important as the previous version might not comfortable enough for some customers. For more information about the difference and its explanation, it will be better to check on the below paragraphs.

DeskcycleDeskcycle 2
Product Dimensions24 x 20 x 10 inches23.5 x 20 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight24.3 pounds24.7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Key Features

There are several key features that make Deskcycle and Deskcycle 2 is a favorite product. As an under desk bike, the products completed with several items such as:

  • Ultra Smooth Pedal Motion

Let’s you focus on your work. The high-inertia flywheel keeps the pedals moving at a smooth pace. Therefore, it gives advantages to an unconscious activity without getting any attention from other people.

  • Quiet Operation

Wont disturb your coworkers. Uses touch-free Magnetic Resistance. Therefore, the product will work by combining magnetic resistance and a precision flywheel with an effective weight of 40lbs. It will give an optimum silent operation.

  • Full Day Display

Keeps track of 16+ hours of activity. Therefore, it will ease you to always track your using every day and anytime.

  • Lowest Pedal Height

Starting from 9 inches and 10 inches. This might be the main difference between the first one and the second version. Look at the below information for more explanation about these features.

  • 8 Resistance Level

From very easy to more than you need. Therefore, you can easily adjust the resistance level as you need and wish. Where other products mostly only give less than 5 levels, but the products work on more level of resistance for the best experience of desk exercising.

  • Kensington Security Slot

Let’s you protect your investment.

  • Wide Front Leg

Eliminates rocking.

  • Comfortable Pedal

Comfortable straps fit any shoe size. Therefore, it can be use by any size of foot without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Display Stand

Place the display anywhere on your desk. You can easily track your calories or else.

Not only the features above, but both products also completed with 30 days’ guarantee. Therefore, you shall not worry whether any damage happens during your first 30 days of trying. Furthermore, they also easy to set up and worth to have easy exercise anytime. 


Not only have several key features, the Company develops Deskcycle into Deskcycle 2 due to the improvement in the pedals. If the first version is having a maximum pedal height of 10 inches, then the second version can be set either 9 inches or for 10 inches. It gives people more flexibility as they need. The lower 9 inch pedals will give an additional inch or so of clearance between your knees and the underneath side of your desk. Therefore, for some customers this option might be more comfortable to select.

That is why you need to consider your needs first before selecting the most suitable version. If you select the old version, then you wouldn’t get this flexibility. Even though both bikes can be used at 27 inch or taller desks as measured from the floor, but this might only work for certain customers that are 5 foot 8 inches or shorter. But, Deskcycle 2 improving to be able to use by a person that 5 foot 10 inches or shorter. 


One of the important factors to consider is the price. Most people will not be willing to pay more for something that has no improvement. This is why before deciding which one is more suitable, it is important to check which price is lower. For information, Deskcycle is launch with a price of $159, while the second version is selling with a price of $169. Therefore, the first version and the next generation price difference is so small. This can lead people to consider the newest version as it goes with more improvement than the previous one.

Deskcycle vs Deskcycle 2

- STAY FIT IN THE OFFICE - Our high-quality portable under desk bike keeps you focused, improves productivity and burns calories at your home desk or in the office
- WORKS WITH LOW DESKS - As low as 27 inches; Perfect fitness Christmas gift for Men or Women (especially your coworker or boss!)
- PATENTED MAGNETIC RESISTANCE MECHANISM- Quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion - great for your joints, and lets you focus on your work
- 8 CALIBRATED RESISTANCE SETTINGS - from very easy to challenging and more than 2x the range of other pedal exercisers!
- WORKS WITH LOW DESKS -As low as 27 inches; Perfect fitness Christmas gift for Men or Women (especially your coworker or boss!)
- PATENTED MAGNETIC RESISTANCE MECHANISM-Quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion -great for your joints, and lets you focus on your work
- MAGNETIC RESISTANCE & ADJUSTABLE LEG -Quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion -great for your joints. Set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches or drop it down to 9 inches to give you more desk clearance.
- 8 CALIBRATED RESISTANCE SETTINGS -from very easy to challenging and more than 2x the range of other pedal exercisers!


From the above information and overview, it is clear that the latest version will worth more than the first one. With only $10 difference, you may get a better improvement and a better product specification. However, in case you already buy the previous one, then improving your Deskcycle to Deskcycle 2 might not too important. Unless you having difficulty with the current pedal height. Otherwise, keeping your Deskcycle may still useful to perform rather than buying another new product that basically is almost the same.

Overall, the importance of selecting Deskcycle VS Deskcycle 2 is to choose the pedal height preference. Some customers also will prefer the better logo in Deskcycle 2. Which this different is not important to consider, in terms of function and features. However, since the price difference is so small, then people might psychologically love to have the latest edition than the old version. This might be one of the reasons why many customers prefer to choose Deskcycle 2 rather than Deskcycle.

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