Gazelle Edge vs Gazelle Supreme 

Workout at home always fun and exciting thing to do. Especially for a woman that wishes a slim body without needing any effort to go to the gym. Buying a glider is an alternate option to ease us exercise at home. This is a simple tool that will helps you keeps fit all day. When you interest to buy one, then you might want to compare Gazelle Edge VS Gazelle Supreme. One of the favorite glider for home exercising. If you plan to buy one, then it is better to check the below information first.

General Specifications

Both products have a good specification and provide an easy and effective workout. Mainly if you’re looking for low impact sports at home. Even both come from the same manufacturer, but each has its specific features and capability. Gazelle Edge is more to an entry-level glider. Read also: Gazelle Edge vs Gazelle Freestyle

While Gazelle Supreme dimension measures 44”x31.5”x55” with a weight of 57.5lbs. This model will able to support their users up to 300 pounds of weight. 

Key Features

When we compare each other, there are several key features inserted in each product. Gazelle Edge will give its best features and pros such as:

  • It has a compact size. Therefore, using this glider consider quite convenient to use. It also foldable and simple to store in a smaller home. It is a suitable product for them who doesn’t have enough space to keep their home exercise equipment.
  • The low impact motion feature will help people that suffer from joint pain. Therefore, it is a suitable exercise that helps the recovery to run fast.
  • It is an easy version to use by everyone. It is completed with a DVD and shows several options for simple exercise in the unit sports. There are totally six types of exercise you can perform with this equipment.
  • The equipment is really quiet during operating. There is some squeakiness while using, but, overall it is considered not disturbing.
  • The price is low, making Gazelle Edge is an economical option for those who wish to have an exercise without spends many budgets on the equipment.
Gazelle EdgeGazelle Supreme 
Product Dimensions44 x 31.5 x 55 inches45 x 25 x 40 inches
Shipping Weight65 pounds68 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

While buying Gazelle Supreme, you will get interesting key features such as below:

  • Display monitor, which shows the time you’ve spent working out, along with the distance you’ve covered, your speed, pulse rate and the number of calories you’ve burned.
  • A dual pivot system, it allows for a full range of movement and increased effectiveness. 
  • Soft-glide technology, it will enable a smooth, low-impact workout that is gentle enough for people with joint issues.
  • Power pistons, it is a hydraulic resistance enables somewhat challenging workouts with a high-calorie burn.
  • Roomy footplates, this wide footrest are non-slip, making workouts comfortable and safe.
  • Heart rate monitor, this can be found in the handlebars for tracking your pulse.
  • Transport wheels, which enable the Gazelle Supreme Step Machine to be wheeled to another location.
  • Folds, as it can be folded to store in a closet.  Alternatively, it can be stored beneath a bed with legs that are at least 10 inches long.
  • Accessories, it is completed with a water bottle holder, and it comes with a 22oz water bottle.
  • Warranty, like this model, has a 12-month warranty.


Even each product shows the best features inside it, they also have several cons that also needs to consider. This is to avoid you feeling disappointed after buying one of the products. Therefore, it will be good to know what are the cons of each product. Such as Gazelle Edge that has several cons below:

  • Some of the users, mainly walkers and runners, report that the glider has a very light resistance.
  • The equipment is so basic. Therefore, you wouldn’t find any console for programming, entertainment or conveniences. This glider is not equipped with a workout fan, workout programs, a ledge for a magazine or place for any mobile device. It even has no water bottle holder. 
  • You need to be careful when performing the exercise on smooth floors. Some of the users report that it can move little by little during the exercise. Therefore, it is suggested to work out in a carpeted room.

While Gazelle Supreme has the below lists of cons that can be a concern:

  • Some of the users report that there are squeaks while exercising. Therefore, if you want to avoid this matter, it is better to apply WD40 to solve this problem.
  • It is actually having resistance limitation. Even though you add the power pistons and wish for a challenging workout, but it still not makes the resistance is good enough. Mainly if you are an athlete.


Not only compare the specification and features but to check the price also important to do. You need to specify the number of your budget. Therefore, it will suffice with a suitable product. For your information, Gazelle Edge at the moment is selling at 125 USD. While if you interest to buy Gazelle Supreme, it is now sold at the price of 240 USD. Therefore, it can be seen that the Gazelle Supreme is more expensive than Gazelle Edge. 

Gazelle Edge vs Gazelle Supreme

- High-performance exercise glider for improved cardiovascular performance
- Unsurpassed range of motion goes from slow walk to full run with no sudden stops
- Easy-to-use, 5-function workout computer tracks speed, distance, time, and more
- Smoothly transition from a slow walk to full run with no sudden stops
- Get 10 exercises in one amazing calorie burning workout
- Patented, dual-action split suspension provides a complete range of motion and freedom of movement


Both products are a good choice for home exercising. However, you will end up to select only one product for your home. Overall, in terms of specifications, then it can be seen that Gazelle Supreme has more features than the Gazelle Edge. This is not a surprise since the price is twice the Gazelle Edge. Therefore, it you have enough budget and wish for a complete set of a glider, then Gazelle Supreme is a suitable option to choose. But, if you wish an economic and simple one, then Gazelle Edge is your best choice.

Overall, the price normally in line with the product capability. Therefore, if want to select between Gazelle Edge VS Gazelle Supreme, you need to make sure you have enough budget to get the better one. In case your budget is limited or your home space is a little bit small and narrow, then you can go for the economical option, Gazelle Edge.

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