Horizon T101 vs ProForm 505 CST

Running is probably the easiest exercise one can do and the simplest as well because you don’t need much to start and almost everyone can run whenever they want. However, if you are not the type who will run outside, Horizon T101 Vs ProForm 505 CST will be a nice alternative to let you get the necessary amount of exercise at home. They are rich in feature but also comfortable and for those who are also eyeing these treadmills, go see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Use Treadmill for Weight Loss
  • About Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST
  • What Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST Look Like
  • How are the Workout Menu in Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST
  • How are the Console in Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST
  • How are the Running Belt in Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST
  • Horizon T101 Vs ProForm 505 CST

Treadmill for Weight Loss

Overweight is not an uncommon issue because many of us all over the world can be struggling with weight and how to keep them off for good. The best way to start getting healthier and losing excess body fat is fixing the diet by removing processed foods and reducing the amount of carbs in your plate. High protein or high fat diet usually works faster or if you want to be more convenient, we can try intermittent fasting or the new popular one meal a day method.

Another important focus is moving our body because physical exercise is needed to burn the excess fat and prevent our metabolism to slow down as we reduce the calorie intake. You can choose any exercise especially that requires lots of energy but picking the one that suits best on your preference will help you to stay loyal to the training. One of the most convenient ways to exercise is just by running or using a treadmill in case you need to be at home.

Treadmill for HIIT

We are sure most people are familiar with HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training and this is beneficial for weight loss based on study in 2017 that found it will burn body fat effectively including calories in a shorter amount of time. For example you can run on flat at 2 mph for 5 minutes and continue at 9 to 10 mph for 30 seconds, followed by walking at 3 to 4 mph for 60 seconds, repeat it 5 to 10 times and walk again at 2 mph for 5 minutes to cool down.

Treadmill to Keep your Heart Rate

Do you know that to burn calories we need to maintain a “fat-burning heart rate”? to know this calculate your maximum heart rate for a minute by exercising at a fast pace and reduce this number with your age. In general our fat burning zone is 70% of the maximum heart rate so to support weight loss, we should exercise or run to maintain this rate. For example by wearing a heart monitor, use incline to jog at 4 mph for 1 minute and run at 8 to 10 mph to enter the fat burning zone.

Horizon T101ProForm 505 CST
Product Dimensions73 x 29.5 x 12 inches85 x 32 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight220 pounds186 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Treadmill and Elevation

Many treadmills today are not only working at flat surfaces but also offer incline function to create an angle and this is to mimic an elevation. Adding elevation to your workout routine is great because it is more challenging, requiring us to put in more energy hence it burns more calories. For starter you can set the treadmill to flat and walk at 2 mph for 5 minutes then set the incline to 1% to jog at 4-6 mph for 1 minute continued by adding 1% each minute until 8-10%.

About Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST

Treadmill is very useful and you can use it at home anytime without having to go outside especially if you have no specific free time to exercise such as parents who have to be at home taking care of their younger children. If you are also interested to be able to do those types of exercise at home conveniently, getting a treadmill will be a great starter to your new healthier lifestyle whether it is to improve fitness or for a heavier goal like losing body fat.

There are lots of treadmills in the market purposely made or designed for home use with a range of price and features to offer. Two of them are Horizon Fitness and ProForm which are all pretty well-known for their reliable and varying products. We love their treadmills because their quality is among the best and depending on your budget, they carry different models to fit with your preference. In some models we can even get more value by choosing the treadmill such as free fitness app subscription.

For those who are planning to spend less than $1000 for this treadmill, the options you may want to consider are Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 which will be a very ideal models to consider. Both of them are fairly affordable and already come with various features as well as standard capabilities present in all treadmills. These are more of the basic version of models with tons of menu or some fancy integration so you will not get such attractive offering here.

What’s so attractive in our opinion is the fact that Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST are equally offering an incline function which makes both of them a great choice for those who will be challenging themselves and spending quite the energy here. The incline goes quite high and they also offer adequate speed to let you improve over time. What’s lacking is a wide color LCD that can view your training programs and other menu.

Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST Design

Just like any treadmills, you will see the same design in Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST with its sturdy frame and pretty wide belt to provide an adequate running space. Their panels are equally wide and bulky while the unit itself is capable of sustaining users up to 300 and 325 lbs. respectively. However, compared to models in the $1K price range, in our opinion these belts are not as comfortable if you will be running faster or just have a bigger build in general.

Our favorite part from their design is the folding mechanism itself because when not being used, we can fold the running space upward to save some space so only the front feet will be taking up the room. They are made in combination of steel and plastic for some of the parts such as the control panel but overall, built quality is pretty nice and sturdy yet, you will still feel some shakiness when running at higher speed.

Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST Workout Menu

The first thing you may want to know about a treadmill is probably the program because here we can see what menu available to exercise with and as a basic model, these treadmills will not be able to offer a wide range of options such as those in ProForm Pro 2000 Vs Sole F80 but with a total of 30 and 18 built-in program respectively, we can already get enough to start the training in no time. These exercises are designed to give you various focus including interval and weight loss workouts.

As for the running space, you will also get 20 by 55 inches on Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST which is common on affordable treadmills. This is a standard width and while it is good, they are also less comfortable especially if you are used to running on gym’s treadmills with wider space to run. They are also topping the speed up to 10 MPH to keep you moving and heart rate optimum for burning calories.

Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST Console

The next point we want to talk about is their console and here both of them are featured with standard black and white analog display to offer a training menu and other features. We see it is very straightforward and there are lots of buttons here to adjust or choose options inside the menu. Besides the display, these models have speakers on the unit for entertainment and what’s different is the T101 comes with an updated Bluetooth speaker if you prefer to be wireless while the 505 CST still needs auxiliary to play sound. 

What’s special about ProForm 505 CST is that this model is iFit ready just like many treadmill from the brands. It doesn’t have colored display however, so you will still need to provide the main device to watch the video and you can connect them together with the phone to get the 30 day free membership.

Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST Running Belt

The last point we want to talk about is their running belt because as it has been mentioned above, these treadmills are capable of incline and similarly, they are from 0-10%. It should be enough for beginners to try various difficulties and all users who are into calorie burning because this elevation will help your body to spend more energy. They also have cushioning to make sure users will be able to walk and run comfortably but in comparison we feel the one in 505 CST is slightly better.

Horizon T101 vs ProForm 505 CST

Both of these treadmills are a great choice for anyone who is going to try a new active lifestyle conveniently in their house by jogging, walking, or running everyday. The differences between Horizon T101 and ProForm 505 CST are the fact that Horizon packs more built-in workout in this model while also offering Bluetooth speaker but 505 CST will give you a month of free iFit subscription and better cushioning.

- 3-Zone variable response cushioning
- Feather light folding
- Bluetooth enabled
- Built-in speakers, energy saver mode, fan, tablet rack, water bottle holder
- ProShox Cushioning
- iPod Compatible Audio
- Quick Incline 0-10%
- Limited Warranty


All in all there is no bad option here so you can still be satisfied with any treadmill but if we are to choose, we will go with Horizon T101 because it is more affordable, comes with a more workout menu, and works very reliable.

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