Nautilus R616 vs Schwinn 270

Bicycling is great to maintain your body fitness but not all of us have access to open space all the time hence an indoor bike is very convenient to have. If cycling is in your list of favorite exercises or activities, Nautilus R616 Vs Schwinn 270 are two ideal equipment to purchase so that we can exercise anytime at home. For those who are also interested in these recumbent bikes, see below about what they can offer and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

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  • Nautilus R616 Vs Schwinn 270

Cardio Benefits

Everybody knows that living a sedentary lifestyle with very little physical activities is not going to do your body any good because it can promote various health problems, the most common is excessive weight gain or obesity. Exercising is great to prevent the bad impacts of staying still for too long everyday, moreover, if you have a desk job. You can pick any exercise that meets your preference the most whether it is cardio or weight training as both are greater than no exercise at all.

If you prefer to workout from home, cardio is the easiest to access as we don’t need any equipment to do it. Cardio while not as effective for maximum weight loss compared to weight lifting, they carry so many benefits for your body. For the brain it can increase blood flow and decrease the chance of stroke as well as improving memory and thinking ability including combating decline in brain functioning. It is great for skin as the increase in circulation will promote clearer, healthier skin.

For those battling with weight, cardio will control your blood sugar level and improve the good cholesterol level as well as lowering blood fats while increasing the oxygen supply and allowing your muscle to work harder. When you exercise regularly, the muscles will adapt to an increased workload hence making the tasks we struggled with earlier seems easier after. Since exercising needs energy, we are burning calories as well to keep your body weight at an ideal level. Read also: Weslo Stepfit Climber Vs Maxi Climber.

Nautilus R616Schwinn 270
Product Dimensions54 x 22 x 34 inches64 x 27 x 50 inches
Shipping Weight108 pounds132 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Recumbent Bike

One of the most effective and convenient cardio that you can try to increase body fitness is bicycling and if your workplace or school is in cycling distance, we can even save some by using this as a transportation alternative. Those who love bicycling must like going out with their bike and enjoy the outdoor activities but sometimes we have to stay at home such as in the middle of a pandemic like now. To substitute the outdoor activities, we can purchase an indoor or stationary bike including a recumbent bike.

Recumbent bikes may not be as popular as the more common upright one but both of them are equally effective. While they seem to be more lenient, in fact the amount of energy and effort spent during the exercise is not far different from using the upright type but it does become easier to your knees especially if this is used after injury or by elderly. It is also focused more on the lower body and cardiovascular exercise while reducing the upper body tension and muscle fatigue.

About Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270

All exercises are good compared to none because it can help your body to achieve better fitness and what often affects the efficacy is the time and resistance or effort we put on the activity. We do think it is best to find an equipment or exercise method that meets your preference or personal taste the most because it ensures we will be more consistent and improve the chance to meet our goal in the long term, such as weight loss or muscle building.

If you are here then a recumbent bike is an ideal equipment to have around to alternate your exercise or to be the main workout to keep your fitness level. There are quite the options out there when it comes to indoor bikes including recumbent bikes but Nautilus and Schwinn will be two you want to check out because these brands have various great models to offer. We like their products quality and fairly competitive price range with lots of models to consider.

Among their collection, if a recumbent bike is what you look for then Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 will be ideal options for the application. These indoor bikes are equally priced at the same range and in our opinion they are more of a middle-end models which offer various capabilities that we often found in the more expensive machines but without the hefty price as well. Features wise these machines are quite identical and chances are, you can do everything in either of them. 

Because they are seemingly made by different manufacturers, it is easy to say that they must have some differences as well but the fact that Nautilus bought Schwinn makes these two almost like twins with different names. Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 in general are the same machine with different branding and while you may find little differences here and there, both of them are offering the same benefits and the same activities which is why we do recommend to go with whatever is cheaper in your place.

Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these recumbent bikes are not exactly the same from the exterior just like how other similar bikes differentiate their products apart but, the whole idea and all visible features are the same. The prominent difference is probably on the wheel housing at the front which is rounder in Schwinn 270 while the Nautilus R616 is slightly more elongated and makes it seems to have a longer form factor. Schwinn also uses full black fashion instead of dark grey and silver like Nautilus.

Side by side they are almost at the same form factor but the Nautilus R616 is slightly bulkier in comparison by being measured at 49.6-inch tall, 28.3-inch wide, and 65.3-inch long, with the latter at 49.9-inch, 27.7-inch wide, and 64-inch long. Weight wise Nautilus is also a little bit heavier but for the maximum user weight, both bikes can take up to 300 lbs. As for the build quality, they are made with metal and some plastic but feels very robust.

Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 Exercise

The first thing you may want to know when looking for fitness equipment is probably what they can offer and what type of exercise we can do on the machine. Here Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 are the same because similarly you can choose the bike resistance from the lightest to the highest 25 levels so we can match our fitness level but still have more room to improve later. In addition, there are a total of 29 workout programs built-in to their console to enrich your exercise.

Just like many other recumbent bikes, these two are using flywheel to produce the resistance and this mechanism is very smooth as well as not too noisy, if it is a special concern in your house. Since we are going to pedal while in a sitting position and with fairly straight legs, the movement or impact are more prominent in your legs and lower abdomen while the upper body stays at a relaxed position.

Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 Features

Moving to the features, there are a lot you can get here but stay the same in both bikes. First you have a heart rate monitor on their handle to monitor how effective your workout is and on the computer, there are even a total of 9 heart rate programs that you can custom. To help you monitor fitness improvement, there are 2 test programs to check how fit your body is and 4 different user profiles to store personal information if there are more than one users in the house.

Second, for those using MyFitnessPal app, these bikes also have Bluetooth functionality if you want to transfer the data and to cool your exercise, they have built-in fans too. However, make sure the version you have is their newest because they seem to still have the older models of these bikes that don’t carry some of the mentioned features. Third, you can connect a music player into their board and use the speaker to listen to the song while exercising for entertainment.

Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 Control Panel 

The last part we want to mention is their control panel and this is probably what seems to set Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 apart from each other because the arrangement is indeed different but, as you check them closely, the functions are the same with different layout. They still have the resistance level buttons laid out conveniently on the board, two speakers at the bottom, and a wider display at the top with navigation buttons in the middle.

Nautilus R616 vs Schwinn 270

These brothers are identical to each other and chances are as long as you get the newest from both brands, their features are supposed to be the same. You will get access to 25 levels of resistance and 29 built-in programs to make sure the training will not get boring quickly. There are also tons of features in the machine from the heart rate monitor, MP3 connectivity with speakers, and profiles to store different settings.

- DualTrack blue backlit LCD console displays 29 customizable workout programs
- 25 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
- Padded seat with ventilated back on sliding seat rail for adjustable comfort
- Maximum User weight- 300 pounds
- Dual track two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks
- Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export keep you up to date on reaching your fitness goals
- 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking are all there to keep you motivated and challenged
- Charging USB port and data exchange.Maximum user weight: 300 lbs


All in all these bikes are equally great choices for the budget and for the functions they can offer but, we do recommend getting the one that is offered at a cheaper price point and between the two, it seems that Nautilus is often cheaper than Schwinn.

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