Nordictrack C700 vs C990 

Are you wondering which is the best choice for you between Nordictrack C700 and Nordictrack C990? Purchasing a treadmill implies no more turning out in a sweat-soaked, swarmed gym or changing in those smelling storage spaces. No more avoiding heaps of dog waste on the walkway while you are out for a morning run. 

Furthermore, treadmills are not only a one-stunt pony. You can switch up your exercises to incorporate an assortment of cardio including strolling, running, jogging, and sprinting. Focus on that combo and nothing will prevent you from getting in shape, improving your heart wellbeing, picking up muscles, and expanding your continuance. 

Both Nordictrack C700 and Nordictrack C990 are famous starter-treadmills from Nordictrack that come in at a truly moderate cost. This makes them extraordinary choices on the off chance that you need a solid treadmill yet would prefer not to go through a ton of cash. 

The two of them likewise come with iFit Coach compatibility which implies that you can add boundless new exercises to your treadmill or run a well-known path everywhere throughout the world. 

So, what makes these two items different from the rest exactly? Also, which one is the better purchase for you? Keep reading this article if you want to find out the answer.  

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Quick Summary  

NordicTrack C700 is a low-priced treadmill for walkers. The key points of it are its 2.75 CHP engine, 55″ track, and 10 percent control slope. The advantages of Nordictrack C700 include an iFit-empowered console, iPod compatibility, and a safe holder for your tablet PC. However, does the low deal cost of 799 USD signal a deal or an admonition? We are about to find out later in this article.  Read also: NordicTrack C990 vs Sole F63

Nordictrack C990 remains extraordinary compared to other purchases in its value section. Its top-selling points incorporate a spacious 60″ x 20″ track, a computerized 12% grade, and 32 inherent exercise programs. This treadmill likewise has remote pulse checking in spite of the fact that the Bluetooth chest tie is sold independently. It is also iFit-enabled which includes the entirety of the amazing highlights that accompany that membership service. In spite of the fact that it has been discontinued by Nordictrack, it is still accessible on Amazon.  

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Cost  

Nordictrack C700 comes in marginally less than the C990 treadmill. You can get it for around 899 USD with Free Shipping on Amazon. That makes it a more budget-friendly choice. Meanwhile, Nordictrack C990 is just about 200 USD more expensive, coming in around 999 USD with Free Shipping on Amazon. However, the C990 has a larger number of alternatives than the C700 that may make it increasingly worth your money.  

Nordictrack C700 Nordictrack C990 
Product Dimensions73.5 x 35.5 x 60.4 inches83 x 14 x 30 inches
Shipping Weight216 pounds223 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Console 

This is the principle territory where Nordictrack C990 truly outshines the C700 treadmill. While Nordictrack C700 treadmill console discloses to you what you have to know, it is genuinely straightforward. Contrast this with the full-shading, touchscreen console that you jump on the C990 and you will see that it has a significant effect. So, you can see your exercise details or iFit Coach landscape in living color as you walk. 

This is an incredible method to add more fun and pleasure to your exercises. Furthermore, it will likewise guarantee you will remain on the treadmill longer — giving you better outcomes by and large.  

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Engine Power  

Nordictrack C990 Treadmill arrives in somewhat more grounded with a more powerful 3.0 HP engine versus the 2.75 HP engine on the C700 treadmill. This implies that it can take more use (and misuse) and still prop up securely. In the event that you plan on utilizing your treadmill every now and again, the more grounded engine on the C990 model is clearly a better decision. 

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Speed Limit and Slope  

Nordictrack C700 gives you from a 0 to 10 mph speed limit while the C990 gives you from a 0 to 12 mph speed limit. So, there is somewhat more space to develop with the C990 treadmill. In terms of slope, the equivalent is valid in this aspect as Nordictrack C700 gives you up to a 10% slope which is not bad. Be that as it may, the C990 gives you more with up to 12% slope. So, once more, there is more space to develop as your wellness level improves with time.  

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: Space to Run  

Nordictrack C700 gives you a genuinely standard measured belt: 20 x 55 inches in length. This ought to be fine for a great many people. Yet, on the off chance that you need more space to move, you may welcome the more extended 20 x 60 inches belt on the C990 treadmill. This is particularly helpful for taller individuals or sprinters as you will not feel like you are knocking toward the edge of the treadmill. 

Nordictrack C700 vs C990: iFit 

While the two treadmills are iFit Live Compatible, Nordictrack C990 has an iFit built-in. So, you can without much of a stretch associate with iFit legitimately from your comfort with the dash of a button. With the Nordictrack C700 treadmill, however, you will only have the option to associate with iFit Coach through your tablet. So, in the event that you do not have a tablet, you will not get as much out of iFit and you will not have the option to run trails everywhere throughout the world or download new exercises with the iFit feature. 

Nordictrack C700 vs C990 

- Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; gain access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs; membership required, sold separately
- 10% OneTouch incline control, 10 MPH SMART OneTouch speed control; spacious 20” x 55” tread belt
- Bluetooth connection allows iFit to automatically adjust your treadmill’s speed and incline to match trainer recommendations and mimic real life terrain; integrated tablet holder secures your tablet or smartphone
- Enjoy reduced motor noise and self cooling technology with a powerful 2.75 CHP Motor perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home
- Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; gain access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs; membership required, sold separately
- Immersive 7” HD Touchscreen Display, AutoBreeze workout fan, and FlexSelect cushioning for a comfortable run
- 12% Automatic Incline Matching technology, 12 MPH SMART speed adjustment; spacious 20” x 60” tread belt
- Enjoy reduced motor noise and self cooling technology with a powerful 3.0 CHP Motor perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home

Final Verdict  

So, which one is directly for you? Well, Nordictrack C700 is more moderate coming in 200 USD less expensive. This makes it progressively appealing from a spending viewpoint. 

However, numerous individuals believe it is worth the extra money for Nordictrack C990 treadmill considering that it gives you quite a lot more features including the gigantically overhauled comfort, longer belt, more grounded engine, and more grade and speed alternatives. These features give you an all the more engaging exercise and much more space to develop with the treadmill as your wellness level improves.


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