NordicTrack C990 vs 1750

Running is probably the easiest and most convenient exercise that almost everyone can do without equipment or expensive tools. However, they do need space and not all of us can go outside anytime they have the spare moment to train but, worry not for we can use treadmill like NordicTrack C990 Vs 1750 at home to achieve those toned and fit bodies. These treadmills are highly featured but not too expensive and before deciding, go check what they can offer below.  

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  • NordicTrack C990 Vs 1750

Treadmill for Indoor Training

Modern lifestyle is convenient and sometimes it makes you reluctant to do physical activities because there are services to finish the tasks without needing you to spend the effort and time. However, all of us understand the bad effect of sedentary lifestyle because it is prone to increase the risk of various health problems, the most prominent being overweight and obese as we lack of physical activities. To prevent from dealing with those health issues, we can start as early to be more active together with improving our diet option.

One of the best and convenient exercises we can do to stay fit is running because almost everyone can run, they don’t need any special tool, and don’t need special training to perform. However, they do need space to be more effective and this can be its greatest limitation for not all of us are living in an area with adequate open space to perform the activity; including how the weather sometimes can become a hurdle as it prevents you from running outside.

We personally love running outside because it also offers a recreational moment to breath fresh air and to see what the surroundings or community is doing. If you are not the type who loves to spend the time at a gym room or running in the block, a treadmill at home will be a great help to let you get enough exercise without having to step outside. This is especially useful for users like parents with small children who can’t leave the house often.

All fitness equipment that is installed indoor have the greatest benefit of being in a controlled environment, making it ideal for busy people who can’t stick to a certain schedule because you can access them anytime. In fact, for treadmills, they can be useful all year around and not only be there just for when it is rainy or snowing outside. The first benefit is that it can provide a more accurate training as you can monitor the pace, incline, interval, and then recovery.

When running in an open space such as on a track, it is difficult to maintain speed for you may not realize whether it is faster or slower over time. With a moving belt we are forced to follow the certain pace hence we can be more consistent so you will see an improvement when hitting the real track without looking at the fitness tracker continuously. Additionally, treadmills have a training menu we can use, so finishing a training with them will make you more motivated than designing it on our own.

NordicTrack C990NordicTrack 1750
Product Dimensions83 x 14 x 30 inches24 x 20 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight215 pounds340 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About NordicTrack C990 and 1750

If you will benefit from an indoor treadmill because there will be less chance to go out, getting one will be very useful and before deciding to choose the treadmill, it is great to consider what you will need from the equipment as not all of us will have the same preferences. Points such as the unit size, running belt, and available space will be very important and in addition, you want to decide a budget range first so we can shop quickly. Read also: ProForm Pro 2000 Vs Sole F63.

There are lots of reliable treadmills out there and if you already have a favorite brand, it will cut the choices further especially for those with pleasing experience regarding the specific manufacturer. When talking about treadmills in general, one of the most popular brands to consider is NordicTrack and we also like their products quality as they have a good performance as well as long lasting with a proper maintenance. Depending on your personal preference, there are lots of models to choose from.

If you are here then it means you are looking for richly-featured treadmills and models in this category are usually quite expensive especially when you can get those in under $300 from lots of different brands. Those who wish to get a full system in the equipment may want to get NordicTrack C990 or 1750. These popular models are coming with a huge set of capabilities, almost anything you often find in similar products but added with more versatility as well as programs to keep your training fresh.

These treadmills are not cheap as they are placed into the higher-end range but still quite affordable for those who can spend the fortune or are more serious about the training when you will use the treadmill everyday. NordicTrack C990 and 1750 are also similar because what the first machine can do, will also be possible in the other as they come with complete features. However, they are not identical for you may find some differences here and there and in comparison the latter is also more expensive.

NordicTrack C990 and 1750 Design

Side by side, any treadmills will look the same and it is what these two will look like as well but as you can see, the 1750 is actually slightly larger than its brother and this may affect some of its specification later. The material itself is the same, both the steel frame and the display tray at the front are equally nice. When in the full assembly, C990 is measured at 78.3-inch long, 35.7-inch wide, and 56.4-inch tall compared to 78.8-inch long, 39.2-inch wide, and 63-inch tall.

Note that these treadmills will come in parts and you will need to assemble them before being able to use the machine. There is a manual to follow and in our opinion it will be easier for two people to move it and then assemble the unit but for some, it can be quite complicated as well. However, you can ask for an expert assembler but you will have to add the budget as well and it is doable at home so better save some and spare some time.

NordicTrack C990 and 1750 Programs

The first thing you may want to know about a treadmill is probably the program they can offer because it is one of the best features to have when looking for a new treadmill. Here you will find an array of 32 workout applications to use and these cover everything from speed, endurance, and for those with weight loss as the goal or can be customized too when needed. On the other hand the 1750 treadmill has a total of 50 different workout menus that will guide you through different levels.

These are designed by some of the best personal trainers in the industry so we can get a high level of training at home. Additionally, similar to many expensive treadmills you will also get to use iFit with any of them and for those with membership, you may use the iFit Coach feature to let the treadmill follow the programs available automatically. Their data tracking is also useful to keep tabs on your every workout session.

NordicTrack C990 and 1750 Motor

The next part we want to talk about is their motor and this is important to decide how powerful they are to accommodate your training. Here they will have different motors as well for 1750 has the higher 3.75 CHP motor compared to 3.0 CHP yet, they are still comparable and the C990 is still an ideal option for everyday training. These motors however, will be able to offer the maximum speed up to 12 miles per hour.

These treadmills are also offering a feature to let you increase the effort by being inclined up to 12% and 15% respectively but the latter will offer up to -3% as well. For running comfort, the running belt on both machines are also different and 1750 will have slightly wider running space, making it easier to run at higher speed especially for those with bigger builds.

NordicTrack C990 and 1750 Monitor

The last part we want to talk about is their monitor and on this side you will get a similar touch screen to control and select the menu but side by side the 1750 is 10-inch and the C990 is 7-inch. They are easy to read and pretty responsive but we do like bigger displays for usability. If you want to watch videos or other entertainment, there is a tab holder in both treadmills so we can watch the screen while exercising.

NordicTrack C990 vs 1750

Both of these treadmills are a great choice but they are also different because the higher choice NordicTrack 1750 has a wider running belt, higher motor, more workout programs, as well as wider display to choose the menu. This model also put the full Bluetooth system with chest strap included in the set unlike the C990 which requires you to purchase a chest strap separately.  

- Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; gain access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs; membership required, sold separately
- Immersive 7” HD Touchscreen Display, AutoBreeze workout fan, and FlexSelect cushioning for a comfortable run
- 12% Automatic Incline Matching technology, 12 MPH SMART speed adjustment; spacious 20” x 60” tread belt. Reduced Vibration
- Enjoy reduced motor noise and self cooling technology with a powerful 3.0 CHP* Motor perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home
- 10 inchees HD smart touchscreen display provides immersive trainer led workouts; FlexSelect cushioning and an auto breeze workout fan deliver a comfortable run
- 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial plus motor features reduced motor noise and self cooling technology; perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home
- 3 percent to 12 percent: Automatic incline matching technology, 12 MPH smart speed adjustment with iFit; spacious 22 inches x 60 inches tread belt for tall runners.0-12 MPH Speed
- Innovative SpaceSaver design with easy lift assist means your treadmill can fold up after your run for compact, simple storage


With better capabilities, NordicTrack 1750 will also be more expensive and if you are able to spend the fortune, we do like this treadmill better mostly for its higher motor and wider running space since it makes the equipment more comfortable to use.


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