Nordictrack VR21 vs Schwinn 270

For anyone who seeking the right recumbent bike for their workout progress sometimes it can be tough. You need to see the comfortable, the function and considering your budget. Is that worth buying it from the usual brand or must be in the famous brand? It is a high debate before you decide to pick one from the market.

This time we will give you some reviews from the two familiar brands in the recumbent bike. They are the Nordictrack VR21 and the Schwinn 270. Let’s take a deeper look over them so that we can decide which one has the best features and give you the most suitable recumbent bike.

Nordictrack VR21

The Nordictrack VR21 is a kind of recumbent bike that will help you to fix your calories and fat burning matter. It also can tone your lower body and build your cardiovascular endurance. It comes with a low impact but with a high result and comfortable way to improve your workout.

The Nordictrack VR21 comes with an upright stationary recumbent bike that allows you to lower your body. It can make you get less stress on your back which makes you healthier than before. You only need to lean back and pedals it with your leg so that you will see the result. Read also: Weslo Stepfit Climber vs Maxi Climber.

The seat from the Nordictrack VR21 comes in a ventilated seat with a lumbar support system. It is so comfortable to use with great material to support your convenience workout. It can adjustably set into your right position most quickly without some efforts needed. It is perfect for any different height to use.

Nordictrack VR21Schwinn 270
Product Dimensions61.1 x 24.2 x 54.6 inches64 x 27 x 50 inches
Shipping Weight149 pounds101 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The Nordictrack VR21 comes with the 32 workout Apps so that you can choose it into your favorite ones. You can easily choose the program and set your goal with some category you need for. You can track your workout by the LCD that available on it so that will not miss any chance to achieve your goal.

The Nordictrack VR21 comes with 25 of resistance levels. This means you can get a precisely-tuned challenge during your workout. The force comes from 25 lbs of inertia–enhanced flywheel which is perfect for any weight choices. With extra-wide pedals built on it, makes your move are easy and comfortable movements. Your movements will integrate with heart rate monitoring.

The heart rate monitoring from the Nordictrack VR21 is work perfectly. This means your health still can be control during your workout. Comes with a simple design and light dimension make it become the most favorable recumbent bike in the market. It sizes about 61.1 x 24.2 x 54.6 inches and 350 lbs of weight capacity. The price starts from US$699 on Amazon if you want to pick it up soon.

Schwinn 270

The Schwinn 270 is a kind of recumbent bike that well-built with great modern technology. It has a high-end home equipment technology for your gym activity. The overall design resembles a rowing machine with titled backrest. It is adjustable to fit with your seat position in your comfortable way.

The Schwinn 270 features with the dual-track blue backlit LCD to help you track your progress. The LCD contains 29 different preset features to help you optimize your workout program. There is also a quick start or manual program mode with different types of programs. The LCD will show you some information such as heart rate, time, speed, level, distance, and RPM.

The Schwinn 270 offers a heart rate control (HRC) workout programs. It will help you to track your heart rate during your workout and you can set your goal. The HRC is controlling and monitored by the heart rate sensor. It made for the accuracy result to your heart health.

The seat from the Schwinn 270 comes with a comfortable padded with a ventilated backrest. It also features with the handlebars which located near the seat but in a little low position. The position is perfect so that you will not interfere while try to get the machine during your workout.

The Schwinn 270 comes in a 25 of resistance level with a contact and telemetry heart sensor. It is enabled with a wireless heart rate strap and can connect by the Bluetooth to some Schwinn App. This machine has a good connection with a USB charging port and holder to some device such as a phone or tablet.

The accessory features from the Schwinn 270 comes with the water bottle holder, three-speed of the built-in fan, and sound system. These features will not make you bored while you do your workout. The operational voltage for the power resource comes with 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.4 A of operating current.

The assembly of the Schwinn 270 is easy to assemble with two people need to do. The dimension will not make a lot of space to your room in about 64 x 27 x 50 inches and 101 pounds of weight. The price comes with a reasonable rate start from US$599 on Amazon which is perfect to buy.

Nordictrack VR21 vs Schwinn 270

- 20 Lb Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel: For a smoother workout, the 20 pound effective inertia enhanced flywheel is designed to give you a more natural stride
- 5” Backlit Display: Watch your calories burned and workout progress on the 5 inch backlit iFit display; With a wide viewing angle and adjustable console angle, you can easily keep an eye on your progress
- Heart rate monitor, wireless chest strap Compatible, OneTouch controls
- Choose Your Workout: The Commercial VR21 comes with 32 workout apps designed by certified personal trainers to help you reach your fitness goals
- Dual track two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks
- 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking are all there to keep you motivated and challenged
- 25 levels of resistance aligned with a high speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel make every workout smooth and quiet
- Charging USB port and data exchange.Maximum user weight: 300 lbs

Which One Do You Prefer?

The key-features and resistance system on the recumbent bike is needed to fulfill before you decide to buy one. After getting the review above, we jump into the conclusion that the Nordictrack VR21 is better to choose than the Schwinn 270. It has more different programs with 32 programs while the Schwinn 270 only has 29 programs.

As for the comfortable use from the seat, the backrest of the Schwinn 270 can’t be adjustable. It makes it hard and difficult to fit in with some height position and posture. Besides, the seat adjustability also has no markers to indicate the height. But, with the Nordictrack VR21, there is no issue about that.

The contact heart rate monitors from the Schwinn 270 has no accuracy due to small things such as sweat, dirt, or any muscle contraction. It is so sensitive if touch the machine if contaminated by these things. But, with the Nordictrack VR21, there is no issue with these things.


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