Proform 5000 vs Norditrack 1750

A treadmill is one among various fun home exercising. It fits many ages and easy to perform. That is why many people interest to get the treadmill machine at home to ease them perform the daily workout. However, it is important to notice that treadmill brands are quite various. Including Proform 5000 VS Norditrack 1750 that quite common to select. If you want to know further on the pros and cons, including features and another comparison, check the below information before deciding to select one of them.

Key Specifications

Both products look similar and popular brands for a mid-range model. However, one is better than another, this is why we need to carefully select between each of this brand. Starting from the key specifications.

Proform 5000 completed with 3.75 CHP Mach Z commercial pro motor, 22” x 60” treat belt with quick speed control. Incline from 3% to 15% deg, dual Bluetooth speakers, 10inch full-color touchscreen, and weight capacity up to 300lb.

While Norditrack 1750 completed with a 10inch smart HD touchscreen, Bluetooth audio capability, same commercial motor, same treat belt, same incline, and the same weight capacity. Therefore, the major difference between the brands in the monitor color. Where Proform 5000 is much more interesting with its colorful monitor.

Proform 5000 Norditrack 1750
Shipping Weight309 pounds340 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Other features

Additional features on each brand also added. Both have slightly different features. Start from the maximum speed capability, both are capable to reach up to 12 MPH. Which this number is in line with the industry standard.

Therefore, it is suitable to use by most users. Both also completed with 38 numbers of training programs. Different workout programs will able to help the user to reach their target and accomplish several fitness goals.

Either Proform 5000 or Norditrack 1750, they equipped with a 10inch screen display size. This brings a comfortable screen to watch. Plus, the technology of touchscreen helps to ease the user to operate the screen including choosing a suitable program or planning to check whether calories or timing. Both also having the same sizing. As mentioned previously that they typically look the same, sizing of 22” x 60”.

While looking at the difference, it might come from the motor power. If Proform 5000 is having a 4 CHP, Norditack 1750 only having 3.75 CHP. The heart rate monitor also not quite the same, as Proform 5000 completed with an EKG grip pulse sensor and wireless chest strap, but Norditrack commercial is completed with Bluetooth chest strap and EKG grip pulse.

When we talk in detail about the pros of each product, they are several things to note on these two brands. Start from Proform 5000, this brand has several advantages such as:
· The assembly can say straightforward, it is an easy thing to do by anyone.
· Then, it allows you to change the incline while running on a program.
· This brand has a quite large running deck.
· It has a powerful motor that great for home exercising.
· It has a tablet or phone holder. So that you can perform the training while looking at your tablet.
· It is easy to synchronize with your gadget.
· It has a jack for plugging a device or built-in speakers.
· It has automatic speed and inclines change for more goals on calorie burn.

While for Norditrack 1750, it has several advantages such as:
· The machine is easy to fold and not taking a lot of space.
· It has a great incline capability and smooth transition while doing it in the training.
· It has an automatic speed changing and matches the incline with the programmed terrain.
· It has a powerful motor that is suitable for exercising and workout.
· The cushion is adjustable, therefore, you will be able to enjoy the train as your preferred position.
· It gives smooth interval training.
· The sound is not too noisy.
· HD screen will allow you to easily use the screen even when sweating.
· Easy speed and incline control.
· Super loud and good quality of the speaker.

After looking at the pros, there also needs to check on the cons. Specifically, Proform 5000 has below lacks:
· Taking a lot of space even if it is folded.
· The motor is noisier when you adding more speed.
· The provided training program is not as interesting as we thought.
While looking at the other brand, Norditrack 1750, it has several cons such as:
· Difficult to assembly. You will need help from other people.
· Screen relatively small.
· You cannot easily perform the train while looking at the tablet and magazine, as it blocks the screen fully.
· When we pause the manual workout, it will not show the last speed setting resume.
· The touchscreen is having no sound.


About the price, they both had not many different costs. Proform 5000 cost about 1,600 USD while Norditrack 1750 cost about 1,800 USD. With very little different, then Proform 5000 can consider cheaper than Norditrack 1750.

Therefore, if having a less budget, then Proform 5000 is a suitable treadmill to choose with almost the same features and capability to get.

Proform 5000 vs Norditrack 1750

<a href="" target="_blank">Proform 5000
- 10 inch full color capacitive touch display (pivoting), I Fit enabled; Rollers: 2.5” Precision-Balanced
- 3.75 chip drive System, 22 x 60 non-stretch 1-ply commercial belt. Footprint- 39.15 Wide x 79 Deep x 71.4 Tall Inches
- Digital quick speed control 0-12 MPH, digital quick decline control - 3%, digital quick incline control 0-15%
- 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor features reduced motor noise and self-cooling technology; perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home
- -3% to 12% Automatic Incline-Matching technology, 12 MPH SMART speed adjustment with iFit; spacious 22” x 60” tread belt for tall runners
- Innovative SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist means your treadmill can fold up after your run for compact, simple storage


As both products are almost similar, you might find it difficult to choose which one is more suitable. Actually, there are several tips to help you choose which one is the perfect one. First, check on the fan positioning.

Proform 5000 fan is a little bit more toward your core, while Norditrack 1750 fan directly blows to your face. Helping you to avoid overheating. The next thing is to check on the cushioning since Norditrack 1750 completed with runners flex cushioning.

Therefore, in case you have problems with your joint, then Norditrack 1750 is your suitable choice. Moreover, if you are a music lover, Proform 5000 equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, it gives more clarity sound of music and easy to connect to your other music device. While Norditrack 1750 only has a standard speaker and shall connect the music list with a USB.

With those overall features, pros, and cons, it shall turn back to you which one is your preference. However, Proform 5000 might more suitable as it cost cheaper but with bigger motor power. Therefore, it stands more for longer training time rather than Norditrack 1750.

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