ProForm 505 CST Vs Carbon TL

Treadmills are very convenient because you don’t need to go outside to run and get the benefit of this cardio exercise. There are also lots to choose from depending on the budget range and the features you need from the unit. ProForm 505 CST Vs Carbon TL are two good choices from the brand with a friendly price range as well along with their abundance of features. If you are also considering getting any of the two, do check what they can offer below.

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  • Which Treadmill to Choose
  • What are ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL
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  • How are the Running Space in ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL
  • How are the Program in ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL
  • ProForm 505 CST Vs Carbon TL

Shopping for a Treadmill 

We all know that running gives many health benefits as well as convenient options to stay fit without having to get out of the house. While it is probably more relaxing to run out there where you can enjoy a natural scenery and breathing fresh air, there are us who are living pretty far from such outdoor locations to run. Sometimes running at home or at the gym is also more convenient when you don’t have much time or when the weather is bad.

For those who prefer to stay at home, especially during a pandemic like this where we should keep distance from each other, getting a treadmill will be very beneficial. They are easy to use and let you have a cardio exercise at home or relieve the urge to release some energy by running. Many people have them in their home to lose weight or to maintain fitness without having to go outside. They are also ideal for parents with small children.

When it comes to any product, it is wise to shop for those with good quality especially equipment like a treadmill that we want to last for years and arguably have to sustain some stress during the usage. This is why we always recommend to invest some budget into getting the best model you can currently afford to avoid any durability issues later. Usually we need to spend around $1000 but if you can, items in $1,500-$3000 are going to be the most reliable.

For users who will be using the treadmill together with other family members, we recommend adding a little more than the minimum in order to make sure the product will be more durable. But, if you are currently on a tighter budget, do know that there are lots of cheaper models as well yet they may not be as long lasting or as durable for either higher weight load and exercise frequency.

Proform 505 CSTNordictrack T 6.5 S
Product Dimensions73.5 x 36.5 x 61 inches75 x 27 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight203 Pounds125 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

In addition you may also want to check their motor first before deciding an option because this is directly affecting the quality of the product and how the workout will feel. Usually the minimum will be 1.5 CHP but those who are going to run faster or run more often and have a higher body weight may also want a more powerful motor since they need to work extra to allow the platform supporting the exercise. If you love running faster, we recommend a wider belt to give more room for our movement.

About ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL

Now when you already have an image or qualities in the treadmill, it is time to see what the market has to offer since there will be plenty to choose from. As it has been mentioned above, it is best to allocate the budget and get the best option that we can afford since the equipment will be used for a prolonged time. Setting a budget range can help a lot in deciding the option as we can narrow down the option quickly.

If you want to shop quickly, we can also see from brand range and pick the one that seems the most reliable or popular as chances are they will fit in your house and exercise routine as well. Talking about treadmills, ProForm is one of the most prominent players in the market with their wide range of products and collection of treadmills from different price ranges. The brand is a both good option for budget shoppers and people who want to get high-end equipment.

For users who will be keeping the budget on entry-level, you may want to consider the popular ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL from the collection. Both of them are usually sold from $999 to less than $1,500 depending on the store and this is a safe range to get a good quality machine that we can rely on. Coming from the same brand, there is a high chance that these models are going to be very similar and yes, this is the case here but the two are not exactly identical as well.

Price comparison the Carbon TL will be a more expensive range to invest on but this machine is also a higher model and is an alternative to ProForm Pro line which is highly rated for their qualities. However, side by side specs wise the Carbon TL mostly carries similar offerings to 505 CST and depending on which will fit in your lifestyle and exercise better, we do think ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL are equally worth the attention and praise. Read also: Horizon T101 Vs ProForm 505 CST here.

ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL Design

Just like any treadmills out there, the two are fairly identical to any other machines from other brands as design wise treadmills are not very creative. They are also very much similar to each other side by side yet some details are easy to set them apart, mostly on the control panel because here in Carbon TL you will get a wider screen to view all of this treadmill can offer, along with a set of neatly arranged buttons right below it.

The 505 CST we are comparing today is the 2016 model so do note that other models may have slight differences. This version has a smaller panel at the top of its control pad and similarly easy to understand set of buttons. The common navigation buttons are located at the bottom of this control panel tray so they can be easily accessed while you are exercising. In addition, while both are fairly compact, we can still make them more ideal for storing by folding the running platform upward.

ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL Motor

Now let’s see what ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL can offer since this is the most important part to consider. Because treadmills rely on the motor to move the belt, it is necessary to consider how powerful they are and in here; both of these models are already slightly different by being paired with 2.5 CHP and 2.6 CHP motors respectively. This is not a huge difference compared to the Pro line that starts at 3 CHP so performance wise they will be very similar as well.

The Mach Z motors in both models are the commercial line from the company and it is claimed that they are also both long lasting while pretty quiet for a more comfortable exercising. The horse power rate itself is not bad and pretty standard for machines in this price range which is ideal for typical home use. The two are also equally delivering adjustable speed up to 10 MPH that should be adequate for running.

ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL Belt

Now let’s see what else ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL can offer but our attention now is on their belt dimension since this is where you will be running. Both of them are coming with the same 20 by 55 inches wide and are enough to run for an average adult while the weight limit is different at 325 and 300 pounds respectively. They are not extra wide for heavier people or taller people but should be enough for running at home.

The height of these running spaces is also adjustable but they are pretty basic as the two can only be inclined up to 10% above the flat setting. This is very useful to add intensity to the workout since we need more effort to climb the surface when it is inclined.

ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL Programs

In addition, both ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL are also coming with the same preset programs that you can access from the control panel; there are a total of 18 built-in programs or training in these machines. These programs seem to be developed by certified trainers so we do think they will be easy to start with and can help you achieve some fitness goals or a preferred training. These programs are also adjusting both speed and incline based on the program you selected.

ProForm 505 CST Vs Carbon TL

These treadmills are good options for people who want to get fit at home, conveniently whenever they want. The prominent difference is only on the design, especially the control panel setup since both motor and speed are the same in both ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL. Their additional built-in program and belt or even incline are also the same.

- Discover Trainer-Led Workouts; A 30-day iFit trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions, on-demand studio & global workouts, and connected fitness tracking in your home
- 5” Backlit Display; Track speed, distance, and estimated calorie burn; Integrated Tablet Holder; Stream interactive iFit workouts to your own smart device to stay engaged and motivated as you train
- Self-Cooling Mach Z Drive System powers sustained speed, interval, and endurance cardio training; Trainer-led 0-10 MPH Digital QuickSpeed Control and 0-10% Digital Quick Incline Control
- 20” x 55” Tread Belt recommended for users under 6’2”; ProShox Deck Cushioning protects your joints for a more comfortable run and recovery; Dual 2” Speakers and Auxiliary Port for entertainment
- Discover trainer-led workouts; a 30-day ifit trial membership gives you access to live training sessions, on-demand studio classes & global workouts, and connected fitness tracking in your home
- 5” high contrast display; track distance, speed, estimated calorie burn, and more; stream ifit workouts to own your tablet or smartphone (not included) both on and off your treadmill
- 0-10% digital quick incline controls; 0-10 mph digital quickspeed controls; adjust your speed and incline with the touch of a button, or let your ifit trainer auto-adjust your treadmill for you
- 20” x 55” tread belt; recommended for users under 6’2”, this spacious belt allows you to stretch out your stride; folding spacesaver design for compact storage; self-cooling mach z motor


All in all it is best to choose the one that fits in the pocket and exercise since ProForm 505 CST and Carbon TL are pretty much the same to each other. In comparison, we will recommend saving some and getting 505 CST as it is cheaper and has the same offering.

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