ProForm Pro 2000 vs NordicTrack 1750

Not all of us love exercising but it is necessary to keep your body fitness in check and for those who are not fond of going to a gym or running outside, ProForm Pro 2000 vs NordicTrack 1750 can be a nice alternative to let your body move more while being at home. They are a very ideal treadmill to have if you are also planning to track your data to increase performance but, see which model will be the best choice below before going to shop for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why doing Cardio to Lose Weight
– What are ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750
– What ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Look Like
– How Fast ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 can Operate
– What else ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 can offer
– How are the Computer Feature of ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750
– Are ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Convenient
– ProForm Pro 2000 Vs NordicTrack 1750

Cardio and Weight Loss

Everyone wants to be healthy because illness brings pain and suffering we don’t want to experience in life for it will hinder you from doing various activities we enjoy having everyday and be together with the people we love and care about. Our body is working in a complicated yet magnificent way to stay away from harmful things but there are times when our habit or behavior are damaging the body especially if practiced in a long term and continuously.

Considering our current health issue, overweight and obesity is still one of the threatening problems that need to be addressed quickly and effectively as possible. The health issue is not happening here in the U.S. only but in various countries all around the world and while we agree that rapid weight gain and overweight or obesity is a very much more complex than how they seem, changing for a better lifestyle will save many of us from having to deal with the diseases related to the excessive body fat.

Moving to a new lifestyle is not easy and need a huge will to last but everything will be worth it when you want to live a better life and avoid those preventable diseases that may put your life at risk. Besides choosing healthier foods by removing processed foods or products with high carbs and calories especially for refined sugars, we also have to do some exercise to help the body repair itself and increase your fitness level or burning extra calories.

One of the most popular exercises to burn fat or excess energy we consumed and store is with cardio routine. Cardio is basically the type of exercise that will increase your heart rate and recommended for improving cardiac health. Cardio exercise comes in different forms and people can pick the one that suits their preference the most but among those options, running is one of the best ways to increase heart rate and burn body fat or using them as fuel for energy.

What’s more interesting, especially if you have an issue with belly fat is this type of exercise will help reduce those size effectively because exercise like running will not only burn calories for your weight loss goal but also directly affects the visceral far which lies under the stomach muscles. But, running or aerobic alone will not help with weight loss or fat loss because we will still need to combine better diet with exercises like cardio and weight training as well. Read also: Stamina X vs Stamina ATS here.

About ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750

The problem with routine exercise is that not all of us are fond of gym as the place to spend the time and it may hinder some people to properly execute their plan. However, with the huge choices of fitness equipment, we do think we should utilize some at home for both its health benefits and convenient. Talking about cardio exercise, one of the most popular machines we use today is a treadmill for those who prefer to walk or run.

This machine is useful for we don’t have to go outside and can be used at any weather be it winter or when it is raining cats and dogs outside thus, nothing can hinder you from finishing today’s lap. Being popular also makes them offered by so many factories and while most are the same, there are models which is made with more advanced features to ease the users and make the whole routine even more exciting like ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750.

ProForm Pro 2000NordicTrack 1750
Shipping Weight310 pounds340 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Both of them are a new generation of treadmill and unlike the one we used to run with in the past, they are incorporated with smart technologies to make the whole experience better for people who are about fitness and progress. Most modern treadmills are featured with lots of menu to allow the user to gain a specific benefit from the exercise but ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 are offering more and what we love from both of them is how they keep the routine exciting every time.

The second thing we love from them is the price range because they clearly built for commercial use and they are equally affordable for a highly features treadmills with mostly similar capabilities such as reclining system and an ability to sync with your fitness app. Both of them are also the basic models from each of the brand’s high-end collection so we do hope to see an array of amazing features here as well as a user friendly menu to help you start anytime without having to read the manual several times.

ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these treadmills are very similar to each other with almost exactly the same design and this is probably because they are using the same manufacturer which is ICON Health and Fitness, making them a sister brand who compete with each other but, for some reason the latter is known to have an upper hand for being long lasting compared to the former. They also have similar form and size by being measured at 63 x 39.5 x 80 and 63 x 39.2 x 78.8 inches.

They have quite a wide running space for a comfortable experience measured equally at 22 x 60 inches and if you check their control panel, there is a wide LCD screen with touch button and touch screen but when you compare them next to each other, it seems that NordicTrack have the wider display around 3-inches wider than ProForm as well as offering touch-sensitive screen for convenient. In addition, there are tablet holder for when you need to watch streaming videos or just scrolling in social media feed while exercising.

ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Speed

Moving forward, let’s see how these treadmill will deliver its capabilities for your running routine and as you may already know, speed is important to provide the amount of exercise variations we want to try and in this side, ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 are the same because they will allow you to adjust the speed in the fly through the control panel up to 12mph. They use different motor and the latter is said to have dual fan as opposed to one fan with two speed in ProForm.

ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Feature

Besides the same speed range, these treadmills are also coming with the same set of features because they are offering incline and decline position which are equally adjustable from the control panel and these are the same between 0 to 15% incline or up to 3% decline as simple as pushing a button but NordicTrack has this one touch function to adjust both the speed and incline in seconds at the touch of a button. For those with knee problems, they have ProShox and RunnersFlex cushioning.

They are not as firm as what most people are experiencing with gym standard treadmills but quite soft as well and in NordicTrack, we can make it firm by selecting the option or through the flex cushion deck with an allen key or hex key. Additionally, if you love listening to music while exercising, both of them have speaker on board that we can connect to a portable player but they may not loud enough for some people.

ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Computer

Checking out their computer, besides the huge display, there is another thing making NordicTrack looks like a higher model of ProForm Pro 200 and this is because it included one year membership to NordicTrack’s iFit and this automatic subscription will let you use the iFit Coach for daily workout and automatically track the progress or even compete with partners as well as custom training to achieve specific goal. As for the menu or program we can choose in each computer, there are 50 of them.

Just like any treadmills, there are various related information displayed at their screen such as elapsed time, calories burned, distance, speed, pace, lap number, and if you have the suitable chest strap, they can monitor heart rate as well.

ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 Convenience

The last point we want to talk about is their convenience and since treadmill is not something we can easily transport or move around. ProForm Pro 2000 and NordicTrack 1750 have two transporting wheels and we need to learn the unit onto those wheels to move around which will require two people to do so. However, if you don’t plan to stow it, then we can just use the folding mechanism that fold the running surface towards the display frame to save room or when cleaning.


Both of these treadmills are equally reliable but also slightly different because as it has been mentioned above, NordicTrack is coming with double fan to cool the motor down quickly, has a better display not only with touch sensitive screen but also wider for a better experience, and probably the most interesting part is that it comes with one year iFit subscription to let you try their exercise menu right out of the box.

ProForm Pro 2000 vs NordicTrack 1750

- 7 inch full color capacitive touch display (pivoting), iFit enabled
- 3.5 CHP drive System, 22 x 60 non stretch 1 ply commercial belt; Footprint(Inches) 39.15 Wide x 79 Deep x 71.4 Tall
- Digital quick speed control 0 to 12 MPH, digital quick decline control 3 percent digital quick incline control 0 to 15 percent
- Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; 1-year iFit membership included with your treadmill; gain access to on-demand, interactive trainer-led global and studio workout programs ($396 value)
- 10” HD SMART Touchscreen Display provides immersive trainer-led workouts; FlexSelect cushioning and an AutoBreeze workout fan deliver a comfortable run
- 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor features reduced motor noise and self-cooling technology; perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home


All in all there is no bad choice between these treadmills but comparing the two, we do recommend NordicTrack 1750 better because it has some plus sides compared to ProForm with similarly affordable price.

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