ProForm Pro 2000 vs Sole F63

Not all of us are fond of gym rooms for various reasons but to keep body fitness, we also need to do lots of physical activity which can be easier if we use an exercise or fitness equipment. For those who prefer to spend their time at home, ProForm Pro 2000 Vs Sole F63 will be a great choice to consider especially if you love running. Before deciding to go with one of these treadmills, go check what they can offer here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a Treadmill for Home Use
  • What are ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63
  • What ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Look Like
  • How are the Program in ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63
  • How are the Running Belt in ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63
  • How are the Display in ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63
  • What else ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 can offer
  • ProForm Pro 2000 Vs Sole F63

Treadmill for Home Use

Running is probably the simplest exercise we can do to stay fit and to get enough physical activities everyday but, unfortunately running requires space, a very large area to properly provide a room and distance depending on where you live. Running on a track will be much more convenient for most of us but it can be boring as well hence some people prefer to hit the track, which is more challenging and gives a fresh excitement as we can enjoy the surroundings including breathing fresh air.

However, we also agree that for those who are living in urban areas, it is difficult to find such a place so we spend the time in a gym especially with their huge collection of fitness machines to accommodate your needs. Not only in a gym, you can bring those machines home as well to be more convenient and having them around not only will remind you about the exercise but also easier to access anytime we have the spare time to exercise.

Among those many fitness machines, a treadmill will be one of the most versatile and easy to use but here are some factors you may want to consider when getting one for not all of us will end up with the same machine or option.

  1. Price, for many of us price matters and we are sure you have a budget to get this new treadmill. In general anything pricier than $1000 will be a great choice if you will be looking for a convenient but also rich feature treadmill while those casual users can spend about $800 to get a mid-end model and below $500 will be very basic, low-end but best for occasional use only.
  2. Specs matter as it will directly translate into your preference and here what matters is the belt size for it affects the space required to use the treadmill. Wider belt will be great for runners but it needs room while a walker and fast walker or slow runner with less space can get anything smaller. In addition you have to know their motor as well depending on how fast you will be running in the machine.
  3. Features are another necessary point for not all treadmills will have the same capabilities. Here we suggest imagining what you will be doing in the machine such as burning calories and toning muscle that will benefit from features such as incline surfaces. When you are ready to commit and will be using the machine frequently or everyday, features like a workout programs that automated the treadmill will make sure you can try different exercises to aim for different results.
ProForm Pro 2000Sole F63
Product Dimensions84 x 25 x 38 inches82 x 35 x 57 inches
Shipping Weight296 pounds280 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About  ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63

When you already have an image on how the treadmill looks like or needs to be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer for you will find tons of them out there from different companies and even one manufacturer usually has more than a pair in the catalogue. But, if you have decided based on those steps, the options should decrease greatly and leave those matching with your preferences or needs so we don’t have to spend much time selecting the machines.

Among those many manufacturers that design and create amazing treadmills, ProForm and Sole will be two of the most reliable options to shop from. Both of them are not only going to offer various machines in the catalogue but we also love their products quality because they are known to last long with lots of useful features to make your exercise more interesting. However, depending on the model and price range, their offerings will vary as well.

For those who will spend quite a lot for this treadmill and aim to get richly featured machines, the options will be ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63. These models are about mid-range to entry level range from their high-end models that are very similar to each other. The treadmills are ideal for a more serious user who will be prominently running indoors for they are made to be your main fitness equipment. They are coming with a set of convenient features but still easy for all users to familiarize. 

They have been the favorite for home use application as the motor is powerful with lots of workout menu to try and they are also offering various different functions to make your exercise even more exciting. Being said, they are not in the same level as those we often find in gym rooms as well, because overall they are great for casual runners who want to get enough physical activity and can’t run outside for various reasons such as the lack of time and bad weather.

ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Design

From the external part ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 are practically identical to each other and just the same with any treadmills you will find out there for all of them will use the same form, design, and mechanism. They are made with metals and plastic with a very durable built that will surely last for years to come. Side by side Sole seems a bit larger in comparison at 82-inch long, 35-inch wide, and 57-inch tall compared to 79-inch long, 39-inch wide, and 71.4-inch tall.

They will indeed take some space in your room as they have a good running belt size but, worry not since we can fold them by lifting the running belt into the standing frame, making them much more compact when you will transport or store the machine. They have a control panel at the top and in addition a tablet holder to entertain you while exercising as well as can take quite a user weight up to 300 and 325 lbs. respectively. Read also: ProForm 400i Vs 600i.

ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Program

The first part you may want to know about these treadmills is probably their workout menu because this will give you various options to do the exercise and here ProForm will provide 50 preset programs while Sole has 10 of them. You can have much more by using iFit and the Pro 2000 is coming with a year of free membership to enrich your exercise options. What’s interesting is you may also use Google Maps to run on terrains from various places all around the world, directly mimicked by the treadmill.

ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Running Belt

The next point we want to talk about is their motor and this is important to determine how powerful they are yet, here both treadmills are already packed with a reliable 3.5 HP motor that is able to run up to 12 miles per hour. This should be enough for non-athlete since you can run quite fast and they are indeed great for everyday use as we increase our stamina. For the Sole F63, the motor seems to be a bit slower to respond especially in those made earlier.

What’s even better is their running belt size because what we have in cheaper machine is how limited their space is, making them not as comfortable when you want to run faster yet, here you don’t have to worry anymore for the treadmills have 22 by 60 and 20 by 60 inches space to run or walk side by side.

ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Display

Working out at home using a fitness machine is not as convenient without a good, reliable user interface and thankfully ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 are coming with a pretty good control panel featured with 7 and 6.6-inch displays respectively. These displays are paired with a set of buttons which looks more modern in Pro 2000 than the one you can find on F63 but functionally they are the same since both are very easy to understand with labels on each function.

ProForm Pro 2000 and Sole F63 Features

The last point we want to talk about is their additional features because these treadmills are very convenient. First they offer an ability to incline the running belt to provide more resistance and for us to give more effort into the exercise; both equally up to 15%. Additionally they are also useful with a heart rate monitor in which the built-in one may not be that reliable but you can always use the wireless heart rate strap to monitor how your body is taking the exercise.

ProForm Pro 2000 vs Sole F63

These are two choices of reliable treadmills and will be a great choice in your house. Their prominent difference is that Sole will be easier to use as it is simpler but will be less accommodating when it comes to workout programs for it carry only 10 of them while ProForm has many in addition to its free one year iFit membership. Sole also has a slightly more compact running belt but speed wise and comfort they are the same.

- 3.5 CHP Mach Z commercial, 0 to 12 MPH Quick Speed, 0 to 15 percentage quick incline, 0 to 3 percentage quick decline, EKG grip pulse, dual band (Bluetooth Smart + ANT plus) wireless chest strap
- 300 pounds Weight capacity, solid steel construction, 2.5 inches rear, 1.9 inches front, precision balanced non flex
- 22 inches x 60 inches deck, commercial 1 ply non stretch tread belt, proshox cushioning
- Lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5 Year parts, 2 year labor warranty; Fan CoolAire fan
- 3.0 HP motor provides a range of speeds including the challenging 12 mph top speed
- Named “Best in its Price Range” by Fit Rated, Run Review, Treadmill Review, and many others
- Bluetooth Audio Speakers - listen to your music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console.
- Integrated tablet holder - allows users the freedom of using their smart devices to watch shows or follow their workout routines


You can go well with any of them but for those who love trying new programs everyday or will easily get bored of the same routine, ProForm Pro 2000 will be a more ideal choice for you to get so many new workouts to try.


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