Schwinn 130 vs 170

One of the best tools for cardio training at home is an exercise bike. We are going to help you choose between two popular exercise bikes from Schwinn, which are Schwinn 130 vs 170. They both are quite affordable, yet indeed there is some price gap between them. Schwinn 130 is slightly cheaper, but Schwinn 170 has more advanced features.

After reading this article, you will understand better about:
– The design and build quality of each Schwinn upright bike here
– The features of Schwinn 130 and Schwinn 170
– Which upright bike that is generally more comfortable to use
– Which upright bike that will provide more effective cardio training
– Whether you should go for Schwinn 130 or Schwinn 170

Schwinn 130: Overview

Schwinn 130 is one of the most popular exercise bikes in the market, partially because it is one of the most budget-friendly models available. Well, it is not equipped with fancy features like the more expensive models, but it still has useful capabilities. More importantly, despite the relatively low price, it can already provide a comfortable and effective workout.

This model comes with the same functions and accessories as its slightly more expensive sibling, Schwinn 170. You will get built-in workout programs. Also, you will be able to upload your performance data to your Schwinn Fitness account or MyFitnessPal.

Schwinn 130Schwinn 170
Product Dimensions41 x 22 x 58 inches 41 x 22 x 58 inches
Shipping Weight70 pounds74 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The performance of Schwinn 130 is quite amazing – it is really quiet. You can exercise while watching the TV without having to crank up the TV’s volume, if that’s your thing. This also means that you don’t need to worry about waking up your family when you are training at night.

Furthermore, the frame structure is well-built and robust. Schwinn 130 can accommodate a user of up to 300 lbs. It is completely stable. There is no shaking or wiggling, even when you are on an intense training. The standard padded seat is quite nice and comfy, but you can replace the seat if you want.

Features of Schwinn 130

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the features of Schwinn 130 vs 170. As mentioned above, this model already has several similar functions. However, there are also a few features that Schwinn 130 lacks. See also: CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro vs Fluid 2.

Adjustable Seat – Schwinn 130 has a padded seat which can be replaced if you want a custom fit. Additionally, the seat height can be adjusted. So, you can get the most comfortable position for your particular body.

Handlebars – Schwinn 130 comes with a pair of angled handlebars which is also adjustable. It is equipped with a three-speed fan, an oversize water bottle holder that can hold any bottle size, and built-in speakers for playing your favorite music.

Dual Tracking – With an innovative dual-track monitoring system, Schwinn 130 will allow you to watch a movie or read from your iPad. Your exercise diagnostics will still get tracked and monitored while you are using your iPad for some other activity.

Constant Monitoring – The display on Schwinn 130 can show you 13 key metrics, including speed, distance, time, RPM, heart rate, and burned calories. The handlebars have integrated heart rate sensors to monitor your heart rate, so you won’t need to use an external device for that.

20 Resistance Levels – You can adjust the magnetic resistance of Schwinn 130 vs 170 to suit your training needs. Different people have different fitness levels and thus require different intensity levels. With the 20 resistance levels, Schwinn 130 should be able to suit most home users. Changing between resistance levels is completely smooth without any stutter.

2 Workout Profiles – This exercise bike has two save slots for storing the workout data of up to two people. So, if the exercise bike is going to be used by you and your partner, the both of you will be able to track workout data separately.

Workout Analysis – After training and saving your workout data, you can sync it to your Schwinn Connect account or MyFitnessPal. Then, you can get an in-depth look on your performance over time. You can also share your goals and records to your friends.

22 Training Programs – Schwinn 130 comes with 22 built-in training programs, which are very useful for specific purposes. Among them, there are 8 training programs that are specifically designed for heart rate and cardio. You can also create 2 custom workouts.

Warranty – When buying an exercise bike, you should always check the warranty to avoid any defect issue in the future. Schwinn 130 is backed with an excellent 10-year warranty for the frame. The mechanical parts are backed by a 2-year warranty, and the electrical parts are by a 1-year warranty.

Schwinn 170: Overview

Schwinn 170 is a very popular model from the company. It is just a little bit more expensive than Schwinn 130, so it is still considered quite affordable. You can get it with a budget of less than four hundred bucks. And it comes with some more advanced features.

The included accessories are great. As mentioned above, Schwinn 130 vs 170 are quite similar in this aspect. There is an oversize water bottle holder, a three-speed fan, built-in speakers, and a charging port for your smartphone or tablet.

However, Schwinn 170 offers 25 levels of magnetic resistance, so the range of training intensity is wider. The flywheel and belt drive are definitely of high quality, as they work very smoothly and quietly. You can train at night without disturbing your family or neighbors.

Without doubt, the frame construction is very solid and robust. The maximum user weight limit is 300 lbs as well. The frame is perfectly stable during the most intense training. Schwinn 170 also has an adjustable padded seat and built-in training programs.

Features of Schwinn 170

So, what are the features of Schwinn 170? Some things are similar, but most features are the enhanced versions of the ones in Schwinn 130.

Adjustable Seat – Schwinn 170 comes with an adjustable and replaceable seat. The standard seat is padded and contoured, and is very comfy. In addition to the vertical adjustment, you can also adjust the seat horizontally.

Enhanced Comfort – In addition to the improved seat, Schwinn 170 is also equipped with larger pedals. The position of the pedals has been adjusted to be more ergonomic, so that the rider can reach them without extending his or her legs too far down. The larger pedals are great as they will allow you to push them more easily. In addition, the handlebars here have armrests.

Multitask Displays – There are two displays on this exercise bike. The first one is for showing your workout metrics, such as speed, distance, time, heart rate, and burned calories. The other one is for showing your progress in the currently active workout program.

25 Resistance Levels – With additional resistance levels, Schwinn 170 can cater to the needs of the more experienced users. The higher resistance levels will provide more intense and challenging workouts. The performance is also smooth and consistent.

4 Workout Profiles – Of course, Schwinn 170 also allows you to set up user profiles. Each user can track their workout metrics independently. The handlebars have built-in heart rate sensors. Then, you can sync the data to Schwinn Connect or MyFitnessPal for further analysis.

29 Workout Programs – You will get 29 built-in workout programs for different purposes. Among them, there are 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test, 9 heart rate workouts, and 4 customizable programs.

Warranty – Just like its sibling, Schwinn 170 comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame. There is also a 2-year warranty for the mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty for the electrical parts.

The Differences Between Schwinn 130 vs 170

To sum things up, here are the differences between Schwinn 130 and Schwinn 170. In any case, although Schwinn 130 is a good model, it is obvious that Schwinn 170 is the superior product.

1. Schwinn 130 has a one-piece crank design which is more difficult to pedal. Schwinn 170 has a three-piece crank design and larger pedals, so you will find the pedaling experience to be more natural and comfortable.

2. Schwinn 130 does have an adjustable seat and handlebars. However, Schwinn 170 is better because its seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, and the handlebars come with armrests.

3. While the 20 resistance levels on Schwinn 130 are good enough for the average home users, you will eventually want to face heavier challenges once you’ve built your fitness. Schwinn 170 will give you those higher intensity trainings with the 25 resistance levels.

4. Finally, Schwinn 130 is good with 22 built-in workout programs. In fact, you already get 8 heart rate programs among those. However, Schwinn 130 is not very good for use by multiple people as it only has 2 user profiles. Schwinn 170 is better because it has 29 built-in workout programs with 9 heart rate programs and 4 custom workouts, and 4 user profiles.

Schwinn 130 vs 170

- 20 resistance levels
- One-piece crank design, smaller pedals
- Vertical seat adjustment
- 22 workout programs
- 2 user profiles
- 25 resistance levels
- Three-piece crank design, larger pedals, armrests
- Vertical and horizontal seat adjustment
- 29 workout programs
- 4 user profiles


Between these two models, Schwinn 170 is better and more recommended. It is totally worth the money, as it comes with great improvements. It is more comfortable, it has a wider range of resistance levels, and it has more built-in workout programs.

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