Sole F63 vs F80

Are you planning to purchase your first treadmill? Or are you planning to update from your old one? Gone are the days when you needed to experience a gym’s entryways just to locate a better than average treadmill. Sole F Series treadmills have demonstrated to be just as great as anything you will discover at the 5,000 USD mark, and considering their low price, the Sole F63 vs F80 models are nothing to sniffle at.

In this article, our emphasis will be on looking at the Sole F63 vs F80, two top-tier treadmills of which one expense about a third less compared to the other. These Honor-winning treadmills are two of the top picks in 2019 regardless of the F80’s slight bit of leeway over the F63. This, if nothing else, is a demonstration of the quality and estimation of the two treadmills.

Sole F63 vs F80 Overview

Finding a treadmill of such quality under the 1,000 USD value point would have been unbelievable only a couple of years back. The F63 is a hearty treadmill with a 20 by 60-inch running surface. Fuelled by a 3.0 Cont. Duty HP engine, it clocks a base and most extreme speed of 1 mph and 12 mph separately.

From a solid accuracy welded casing to 2.5-inch rollers with a fixed bearing structure, the F63 has the stuff to run discreetly and easily. Including twofold woven belts which comprise of a center PVC layer and two elastic layers enveloped by nylon backing, in with the general mish-mash just adds to its sturdiness.

Sole F63Sole F80
Product Dimensions82 x 37 x 57 inches 82 x 35 x 57 inches
Shipping Weight300 pounds280 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Meanwhile, the Sole F80 has a more present-day look than the F63 for the most part due to two things. One, it has a lively 9-inch LCD, and two, a more extensive running surface. On the off chance that you pick this over the F63, you will get a two-inch width increase on your running surface, a 3.5 Cont. Duty HP engine, and the previously mentioned 9-inch LCD.

The F80 is not such a radical overhaul from the F63. Be that as it may, it comes with every one of the fancy odds and ends of the F63 like Bluetooth availability, good-quality rollers, pre-installed programs, and a 2-handle belt. So, you will not miss much at all on the off chance that you choose to go with the F80. See also: Xterra Treadmill TR150 vs TR200.

LCD Display

The F80 has a greater, progressively lively screen. However, you are not missing a ton as far as pixel thickness or picture quality. In spite of the fact that the LCD on the F63 is 2.5 inches tinier than the one on the F80, both are standard illuminated white display. Nonetheless, the F80 offers you a superior perspective on your exercise details on account of the greater screen.

Pad Flex Whisper Deck

At the point when you investigate the Sole F63 vs F80, you will see that you will be getting the equivalent upgraded levels of solace because of Sole’s special deck structure. The pad flex whisper deck is not just calmer; it is likewise increasingly agreeable, and this is on the grounds that it lessens the sway by up to 40%.

Running Surface Width

The latter unit has a running surface that is hardly more extensive than that of the former. It quantifies 22 inches wide by 60 inches in length while the F63 is 20 inches wide by 60 inches in length.

15 Levels of Incline

Both treadmills are worked for sprinters of all expertise levels since the two of them have an aggregate of 15-grade levels. This gives you a ton of speed choices whether you want to do strolling, running, or blasting into an all-out dash.


The F80 triumphs over the F63 with regards to engine and raw power. Its 3.5 CHP engine gives marginally more power than the one on the F63 which is 3.0 CHP engine. Regardless of this, nonetheless, the two treadmills have a top speed of 12 mph.

High Torque Motors with Flywheels

Both Sole F63 vs F80 has astounding high torque engines that are adjusted by zinc-covered flywheels. The flywheels definitely lessen the vibration whether you are strolling or running, and by diminishing the draw of the engine, they broaden its life expectancy significantly. You get pretty much a similar liquid running or strolling with either treadmill.

Least Speed

The F80 can keep running at a large portion of the most minimal speed of the F63 and that is 0.5 mph. Is this a major ordeal? It relies upon your exercise. An adjustment in speed, even one as little as this, can enable you to change your exercise to suit your needs explicitly. The F63 cannot go lower than 1 mph which is still moderate enough for most strolling activities.

Extraordinary Build Quality

Accuracy welded, epoxy powder-covered steel outlines, hardcore suspension, 2.5-inch rollers, woven belts, and various excess wellbeing highlights like Safety Lock Deck structure, huge stop button, low-speed start are highlights that can be delighted in on either treadmill. Both F63 and F80 are well-manufactured and made to last.

Sole F63 vs F80

- 3.0 continuous duty horsepower motor provides a range of speeds including the challenging 12 mph top speed
- Named “Best in its Price Range” by Fit Rated, Run Review, Treadmill Review, and many others
- Bluetooth Audio Speakers - listen to your music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console.
- Integrated tablet holder - allows users the freedom of using their smart devices to watch shows or follow their workout routines
- Motor Type: DC. Includes integrated tablet holder. USB port.
- Heart rate monitoring: Pulse grips & Chest strap compatible. Programs: 10. Cooling Fan included.
- 9.0" LCD display. Size of running surface: 22 x 60. Easy Assist Folding Unit.
- 2 Ply belt. Made in China. Model number: F80.


When considering the two treadmills of Sole F63 and Sole F80, you will see that the distinctions are just insignificant. In spite of being more costly than the F63, the F80 is just barely better and pretty much offers an equivalent balance with the previous treadmill.

A more extensive surface, a bigger screen, and an all the more dominant engine are what you will be spending on in the event that you go for the F80. However, even with the F63, you will not miss a lot.

In the event that your spending limit is tight, at that point, the F63 version is in the same class as a choice as any. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you feel like having additional running space, a superior engine, and a bigger screen, and want to have any kind of effect in your day by day exercise, at that point, there is no explanation not to get the F80 version.

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