Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750

Exercising might sound difficult for someone who has to do a lot of things on a daily basis, but you can surely spare a little bit of your time to exercise if you have a treadmill at home. Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750 are two popular treadmill models for home users, standing in the entry-level price range.

Continue reading our discussion below to learn further about:

  • Which treadmill that has better build quality and durability
  • The additional features on Sole F80 and Nordictrack 1750
  • The number of programs available on each model
  • The data tracking capabilities of Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750
  • The comparison of their motor power and overall performance
  • Which treadmill that will give you a better value for the money

Build Quality

Generally speaking, both of these treadmills are well-built. Sole F80 and Nordictrack 1750 are commercial-grade machines designed to withstand frequent use. Both have solid, robust metal frames with tough plastic parts. Read also: Sole SB900 vs SB700

On paper, Sole F80 is the more durable machine. It has a higher maximum weight capacity – up to 375 lbs – and the plastic parts indeed appear to be thicker. On the other hand, Nordictrack 1750 has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, the plastic parts have a sleek, smooth finish but they are not overly thick.

However, in terms stability, somehow Sole F80 is not as good as expected. As you run on the deck, you may notice slight wiggling under you. It is not really annoying or disturbing, but it is there. Nordictrack 1750 does not have such movement.

This is most probably because the running deck of Sole F80 is slightly narrower and the cushioning is a little sparse. There aren’t as many shock absorbers under the belt. Nordictrack 1750 can offer better stability because not only it has better cushioning with more shock absorbers, but also the flexibility is adjustable.

Sole F80 has the wheels placed on the bottom. This will allow you to move the unit easily. However, this design is also another reason why the unit doesn’t feel very stable. Nevertheless, Sole F80 will be easier to move around, as it is quite lighter with a total weight of 278 lbs.

Nordictrack 1750 also has wheels, but you will need to tilt it in order to roll it. Not very convenient when you need to move the treadmill, but the stability is better because the treadmill is standing on firm and secure feet. The total weight of the treadmill is about 310 lbs.

Sole F80Nordictrack 1750
Product Dimensions82 x 37 x 57 inches 75 x 37 x 57 inches
Shipping Weight300 pounds340 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Additional Features

Both Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750 are equipped with speakers to allow you to listen to your favorite beats while running. Unfortunately, the sound quality of Sole F80 is not really good. It also has limited volume. The speakers of Nordictrack 1750, on the other hand, seem to deliver better, more detailed sound, and are able to produce higher volume.

Furthermore, Sole F80 has Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet, but it doesn’t have WiFi. It is not able to access online streaming services.

Nordictrack 1750 is superior in terms of features because the unit has built-in WiFi. This unit can access YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu directly. Even better, you can access Google Maps for virtual runs.

Having decent fans is a must for a treadmill. You will get hot and sweaty during your run, so you want to at least have some airflow to cool you down. Sole F80 is equipped with a single-speed fan system which consists of two small fans. Nordictrack 1750 comes with two multi-speed fan units which you can adjust manually or set to auto, in which case the fan output will dynamically change according to the intensity of your workout.

Both models can be folded for compact storage. So, you don’t need to worry if your home doesn’t have much free space. You can just fold your treadmill when it is not in use in order to free up some room.

Control Panel

Both models have adjustable speed and incline. However, there is a notable difference between their control panels. Sole F80 comes with a bigger display, which is a 9-inch LCD screen. Unfortunately, this is not a touchscreen, so you will need to use buttons to navigate. Nordictrack 1750 features a 7-inch HD touchscreen; it looks bright and vivid, and it feels much easier to navigate.

Furthermore, despite having a larger display, Sole F80 is unable to show all the speed and incline options in one screen. As the effect, you will need to scroll up and down. This is very inconvenient with the buttons.

The user interface of Nordictrack 1750 is better designed. It can show all the speed and incline levels in one screen. The buttons are just large enough to allow easy selection. Not to mention that the touchscreen is responsive enough to work smoothly. Overall, it is easier to operate.

The next notable difference between Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750 is the number of built-in training programs. Sole F80 has far fewer programs than Nordictrack 1750.

On Sole F80, there is a total of 10 training programs. Eight of them are actual programs, which include classic treadmill programs and heart rate programs. The other two are custom slots for creating your own exercise routines. You may want to change the custom programs every once in a while so that your muscles won’t get used to the same challenges again and again.

On Nordictrack 1750, there is a total of 38 programs. Variety is a very important aspect for your exercise in the long run, as it will allow your muscles to continuously improve instead of getting used to the same challenges. So, having 38 programs on your treadmill is great. They are categorized into clear groups, such as interval, cardio, and weight loss, so you can easily select the training that you want.


Fitness tracking apps are becoming more and more popular as people start to pay more attention to their health. Both Sole F80 and Nordictrack 1750 are equipped with some tracking capabilities that will enable you to evaluate your progress.

Unfortunately for Sole F80, the number of metrics that it can track is limited. Well, it has the basic ones, such as current speed, current heart rate, total duration, and calories burned per hour. However, it doesn’t track average speed, average heart rate, and total calories burned. Nordictrack 1750 has a more complete tracking regime, so this is the better unit if you want to see things like average heart rate, current heart rate zone, lap time, and data graph.

Both Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750 here have their own accompanying mobile apps. Sole F80 works with the Sole Fitness app, whereas Nordictrack 1750 works with the iFit Coach app.

The Sole Fitness app is great mainly because it is free to use. You can use this app to control the treadmill remotely through your mobile device. You can also use it to create custom training programs and track your workout data.

The iFit Coach app has even more functions. However, this is not a free app. It has a membership fee. Well, it is worth the money; it will give you access to a huge library of workout programs, maps for virtual runs, and more advanced data tracking.


Both Sole F80 and Nordictrack 1750 can reach 12 MPH. This is ideal for beginners and casual users. Experienced athletes may want to seek a treadmill with a higher maximum speed, but 12 MPH should be sufficient for home users who simply want to stay fit.

During use, Sole F80 tends to be a bit louder. This is because it has a less powerful motor. It is armed with a 3.5 CHP motor, so the motor will need to work more heavily at the higher speeds. Nordictrack 1750 has a more powerful 3.8 CHP motor, which will not complain when operating at the higher speeds.

It should be noted as well that, while both models here have adjustable incline levels, Sole F80 has an incline range of 0 – 15%; it is not able to decline. Nordictrack 1750, on the other hand, can offer more variety of exercises with an incline range from -3% to 15%.

Finally, both Sole F80 and Nordictrack 1750 are using the same heart rate monitoring technology. They have pulse grips on their handles, which are not highly accurate but pretty good to start with.

They also come with Bluetooth chest straps, which are definitely better and more accurate. Sole F80 works with the Sole chest strap, and Nordictrack 1750 works with the iFit chest strap. When tested, both chest straps show decent accuracy.

Sole F80 vs Nordictrack 1750

- Features. Includes integrated tablet holder. USB port.
- Heart rate monitoring: Pulse grips & Chest strap compatible. Programs: 10. Cooling Fan included.
- 9.0" LCD display. Size of running surface: 22 x 60. Easy Assist Folding Unit.
- 2 Ply belt. Made in China. Model number: F80.
- Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit
- 10 inchees HD SMART Touchscreen Display provides immersive trainer led workouts
- 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor features reduced motor noise and self cooling technology
- 3 percent to 12 percent Automatic Incline Matching technology


Between these two models, Nordictrack 1750 is more recommended. It will give you a better value for the money. It has a better design and build quality; running on the deck actually feels stable and enjoyable. It has WiFi and can access various online services directly. It can track more fitness data. The overall performance is better, too, thanks to the powerful motor.

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