Sole SB900 vs SB700

Everybody knows regular exercise will keep your body fit and help to avoid varies health risk as we age but not all of us have the time to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. For those who can’t leave the house or just don’t feel like doing, a cardio at home with Sole SB900 Vs SB700 can be a very fun substitute to get those physical activities everyday conveniently. If you are also considering these equipment, go see which the better option below.

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  • What else Sole SB900 and SB700 can offer
  • Sole SB900 Vs SB700

Indoor Bike Benefits

We are sure most people don’t want to experience health problem because it is better to spend our days healthily and illness bring bodily pains which is uncomfortable to live with as well as requires specific care including financial sacrifice to purchase the medication and service. This is why we have to pay lots of attention to our health while we are young and make a wise decision about our lifestyle be it about the food options and how we have to spend the leisure time effectively.

However, sometimes we just don’t have the willpower to avoid unhealthy foods and ditch the sedentary lifestyle. Paying for a gym membership is a good start to let you be more motivated about exercising but for those who can’t leave the house or just prefer to spend their time working and taking care of the family, getting a fitness equipment will be the best choice for then we can complete the amount of physical activity at home, conveniently, anytime we want and able to.

Fitness equipment are available widely and while we can choose whatever machine to bring home, the best option will be the one that we will be used for a long time or the type we like better such as a treadmill for those who love running or jogging and stationary bike for those who prefer to pedal their calories away. Stationary bikes are also very popular because they are versatile and easy to use without much fuss or chances we can use them instantly.

Stationary bike is also effective as a cardio exercise and while it can’t be very effective if your main goal is to lose weight, they are low impact as the stationary position removes any strain or force reaction through the joints, making them more ideal if you have joint issues or similar health problems. They are convenient and being in the radius of your glance motivate people to exercise more while also safer compared to riding in the city road for they can be dangerous with other vehicles.

The con is they tend to overload the hips because when we sit the whole day the muscle shortens in response to a seated position. Cycling will add this effect and provide a limited range of hip flexing which often make them even more prone to being overactive and tight for the movement patterns are limited so we don’t get the all-round strength or conditioning we can get from a multi-directional styles of training. 

Sole SB900 Sole SB700
Product Dimensions42 x 21 x 40 inches45 x 25 x 40 inches
Shipping Weight146 pounds149 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sole SB900 and SB700

If you are looking for the benefit of cycling but don’t want to hit the road or visit the gym routinely then a stationary or fixed bikes will help you get the amount of physical activities required to stay fit or even avoid some lifestyle-related diseases. For enthusiast who need to train at home stationary bike trainer like CycleOPS JetFluid Pro Vs Fluid 2 will be ideal for it mimic the real feeling of riding a real bicycle but casual users can go with upright or recumbent bike.

There are lots of great options available out there depending on which riding position you like better and among those brands who offer indoor or stationary bikes as home fitness equipment, Sole is one of the best choices to consider. This company has been known to offer reliable products and in a competitive price range so everyone can get the best option for their application be it with limited budget or when you are willing to spend more and getting a high-end unit.

For those who prefer to ride in an upright position, means the position of our body is in almost straight alignment with the seat, Sole SB900 and SB700 are two machines worth your attention. Both of them are close brother so most of what you can find on one machine will be present as well on the other and similar to many other upright bikes, these two are designed to mimic the real experience of riding a real bike out there.

They are also coming with various interesting or useful features to further promote the experience of riding a real bike but most importantly they offer a range of resistance to help you be more motivated to reach a higher fitness goal but, we don’t think any enthusiast or professional cyclist will get enough power to let their skills grow because Sole SB900 and SB700 main market is casual users. Most of what you can find on these bikes are the same but their resistance system seem to be different.

Sole SB900 and SB700 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, both of these indoor, stationary bikes are identical to each other in terms of design because they literally have the same form factor and look but, we can still easily separate them because the latter is using different resistance system in which the housing is slightly different as well compared to an overall thinner top bar we can found on its little brother. Their dimensions are 21-inch in width, 40-inch in length, and 42-inch in height.

Both of them are made from sturdy metal and plastic on some of the parts with an integrated handlebar and seat that both can be adjusted to accommodate users in different height range, but they are only useful for people below 300 pounds to use. Unlike some treadmill or desk bikes, none of these stationary bikes are foldable so we need to spare some space to store them yet, there is a moving wheel to ease you transporting them around the house.

Sole SB900 and SB700 Resistance

One of the most important points when looking for an exercising equipment is their resistance because it will help you to increase the fitness level and motivate us to be better as well as accommodate different skill levels of each user and in this side, Sole SB900 and SB700 are coming with several level of resistance through their flywheel but the real difference between both is that the former is using magnetic and the latter is through direct contact or also often called as friction.

The direct contact or friction used to be very popular in the past and as the name suggests, it uses friction to slow the flywheel in which the SB700 is coming with 48 lbs. type. This mechanism uses sturdy braking pads and once the pads are in contact with the flywheel, the rotation will decelerates and becomes more resistance to your efforts thus, we have to put more energy to move them and this is adjustable through a knob located in the top bar.

As for the new SB900, this stationary bike is coming with the same flywheel but different resistance system because it uses two powerful magnets and in this case the flywheel acts as a magnetic conductor. When the user is pedaling the bike, the flywheel continues to rotate and the flywheel interferes with the magnetic field between the two magnets resulting in attraction of the flywheel that bring about a resistance force. The magnets doesn’t touch the flywheel and the resistance will oppose your efforts.

Sole SB900 and SB700 Computer

Similar to most modern fitness equipment, these two are also coming with a dedicated display that you can find in the middle of the handlebar for maximum visibility and while these are practically standard monitor, we are still getting the basic information about workout stats like the amount of time spent, the speed, distance covered, and calories burnt. In addition they are also suitable with wireless heart rate monitor to maintain your heart rate while exercising.

Sole SB900 and SB700 Features

Coming to the feature side, Sole SB900 and SB700 are very similar to each other and our favorite parts from the feature point is the various handlebar positions because it will allow you to ride in different positions and affect both the comfort and parts we want to focus more. The seat and handlebar height are also adjustable to be lower or higher to allow people with different height get the most ideal position on these bikes. The difference is SB900 is also coming with SPD pedal in which the SB700 is not.

Sole SB900 vs SB700

- Comfortable ergonomic padded saddle for long distance training
- Vibrant, easy to view console
- Our whisper quiet resistance gives users a smooth transition in between resistance levels
- Adjustable seating allows users to move forward and backward on the seat and handlebars
- Reviewed as a best buy in its price range
- Heavy 48 lb. Flywheel for smooth resistance
- Offers multi seat and handlebar adjustments
- Comfortable ergonomic padded saddle for long distance training

These indoor stationary bikes are a great option if you love riding bikes in the first place and want to exercise conveniently at home but also different based on the flywheel system because the newer SB900 is using magnetic resistance and this system is handling the cons of direct contact or friction system especially on its wear, tear, and noise level which are not a concerning issue anymore in this bike.


All in all we can pick whichever model fits our preference and pocket the most but if you don’t mind spending more, we highly recommend to get the Sole SB900 because it will last longer and quieter when operating.


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