Stamina X Air Rower vs Concept 2

A rowing machine is one of the equipment that will help you perform a workout. Therefore, it is one of the equipment that can be one of your lists for home training. However, currently in the market, there are several brilliant brands available. Including Stamina X Air Rover VS Concept 2. Both are having the same function. But whether both are worth buying, check out first the below information before deciding which one is suitable for you.


Let’s start with the product specifications. This generally can bring you an overview of the feature, plus, and minus of the equipment. Stamina X Air Rower will give you some features of LCD monitor, 77in length dimension and 50lbs weight.

It allows a user to weight up to 250 lbs. This brand also brings some key features such as the wind resistance wheel. Multi-function monitor tracks, large pivoting footplates, foldable frame, and durable rowing chain. However, it might be not as great as the features in Concept 2.

The different way with Concept 2 which offer better features. This equipment has a good PM5 monitor and length about 96in. The equipment weight is 57lbs and afford to allow user weight up to 500lbs. It means that the equipment capable of double the user weight compare to Stamina X Air Rower.

Stamina X Air RowerConcept 2
Product Dimensions78.5 x 18 x 29 inches96 x 24 x 44.5 inches
Shipping Weight71 pounds67.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Concept 2 also has a multi-function monitor, but with more capability such as showing the number of watts.

It also completed with another monitor features such as backlight, USB, HRM, games, and racing programs. Therefore, it provides more options for enjoying the training.  See also: FitDesk vs DeskCycle.


  • When looking at the pros, there are several good reasons to buy both. However, overall Concept 2 offers you a greater number of the pro. Including below lists:
  • Provide smooth and better performance on air resistance. The internal flywheel will manage to create wind whenever the user pulls on the handle.
  • Having a great build quality, as the material comes from good quality. Such as aluminum leg or its nickel plated steel chain.
  • The control panel has more variety plus helpful features. Equipped with performance monitor 5, this brand allows the user to explore more with this minicomputer. The user will also be able to perform several challenges of workouts according to their preference.
  • With only an additional 50USD, the user will be able to get the heart rate monitor.
  • The equipment is able to fold up. Therefore, it is able to save space.
  • It has an adjustment resistance level from level 1 to level 10. Therefore, each user can perform specific levels suit with their capability too.

Meanwhile, Stamina X Air Rower will give the below Pros:
Cheaper with several good features. As the price is much lower than the other similar equipment, this brand gives a good trial for a newcomer or beginner.

  • Suitable for moderate use means that it is very basic and only for home use. It is suggested not to use it for more than a half-hour, as the material and design will not guarantee able to hold it.
  • The equipment can be folded for more space-saving.
  • The seat is quite comfortable. Whether the pad or the uphold seat. They both quite comfort to perform the workout.
  • It gives an easy way to use display. So that everyone will be able to see several important data such as speed, distance, and calories.

After reading the pros, it is important to get the cons too. Therefore, it is recommended to check the next information for a better and clear review. The most important part of the Concept 2 cons is the noisy sound of the flywheel due to the created wind sounds.

The harder you use the machine, then the louder the sounds will happen. Then, the next cons are it takes a lot of space when you use the equipment. Since the dimension is quite big and spends about 9×4 feet.

While Stamina X Air Rower gives you different cons. If we use the equipment, you wouldn’t be able to target yourself. Since it has no programming inside it. Therefore, you shall manage it in manual. With a super basic of the monitor, you cannot expect more from this brand. Furthermore, it has no proven durability. It makes the user will face some problems in case anything happens after the warranty is over.


Finally, we come to compare the price in detail. If looking at the pros and cons, you shouldn’t feel surprised if Concept 2 will cost you more than Stamina X Air Rower. To get a new Concept 2, you have to spend up to 945 USD. While Stamina Air Rower will cost only 299USD. This is a great significant value to compare. That is why both products are not at the same level in terms of price.


When we check in details about the product warranty, in line with the price, it offers a different type of warranty. When you decide to buy Stamina X Air Rower, it only gives you a 90 days parts and 3 years frame guarantee. While the Concept 2 will give you 2 years and 5 years frame warranty. Therefore, Concept 2 with more cost to spend offers the user more flexibility of warranty on their products.

Stamina X Air Rower vs Concept 2

- Durable rowing chain; Air resistance
- Steel frame construction; Molded Seat; Padded rowing handle; Pivoting Foot Plates
- Foldable and built-in wheels for easy storage. Some assembly required
- Low impact workout that engages all major muscle groups; work legs, core and arms with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion
- Track your progress with real-time reliable data; the Performance Monitor 5 (included) self-calibrates for comparable results; connect wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps (not included)
- Designed to fit most users: 14-inch seat height, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle


By looking at the above information, mainly if you read the pros and cons. It can conclude that even though Concept 2 requires more price than Stamina X Air Rower, but Concept 2 offers you better equipment to have. Therefore, if you don’t mind spending more budget, then Concept 2 is more recommended to buy. Never bother to spend more money on valuable things, as it leads you to more cost saving in the future. Furthermore, the overall rank of Concept 2 is still higher than the Stamina X Air Rower.
In case you still a beginner and have a minimum budget, then you might try Stamina X Air Rower. But, as mentioned previously, there will be a lot of cons in the equipment. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect too much from it. Have a nice try!

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