Stamina X vs Stamina ATS

Rowing machine is one of the most effective fitness equipment to try if your goal is to burn calories and develop muscle without burdening your joints which makes them great for those with injuries or people with certain health issues. Stamina X vs Stamina ATS are two of the most popular rowing machines to try and they are equally reliable but slightly different as well and before you decide to go with which machine, see below if there is something setting them apart.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Rowing Machine
– Which to Choose Between Rowing Machine and Treadmill
– What are Stamina X and Stamina ATS
– What Stamina X and Stamina ATS Look Like
– Do Stamina X and Stamina ATS have Resistance Adjustment
– What else Stamina X and Stamina ATS can offer
– Are Stamina X and Stamina ATS Compact
– Stamina X Vs Stamina ATS

Rowing Machine

With the increasing rate of obesity and excessive body fat related diseases in various countries all around the world, our society is getting more aware of how important it is to maintain body fitness and choosing a better diet. However, a bad fitness level is not only consisting of poor food choices but because of our sedentary lifestyle as well. This is why we are recommended to be more active and spare some time daily to exercise to improve fitness and burn excessive calories we have consumed.

Going to the gym may not be your favorite activities due to various reasons whether because it is pretty far from your house, don’t have anyone to take care of the kid at home, or just not fond of the place. However, if you plan to be active and complete those routine exercise goal then getting a dedicated fitness machine at home can be a very good decision. Some of them can be expensive but worth the investment when you consider how they will benefit our body.

Fitness machine is available widely and it is up to users about which one they want to utilize but if you love cardio, rowing machine is actually one of the best, if not the best cardio machines out there. It is not without a reason because when you done it right, this machine will provide a whole body workout from head to toes with a special emphasize on your back side and comparable to a deadlift of the cardio machines since we will drive the legs and support core while gripping and pulling.

Stamina X Stamina ATS
Shipping Weight71 pounds55 pounds
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Rowing Machine and Treadmill

Some of you might be surprised to hear the news because of how we used to perceive treadmill as the best cardio exercise all this time and for those who are still considering to get either rowing machine or treadmill, the former will definitely be a better choice. Firstly it is a workout for the entire body while a treadmill only focuses on your lower body yet, when it comes to burned calories per hour, the latter will do your purpose better unless you also row at a higher intensity.

Rowing machine is also popular for being a low-impact machine but in fact a treadmill is as well as long as you only use them for walking normally which is recommended for those with some health conditions but when you jog or run then it becomes high intensity, increasing the heart rate and put stress on joints. A rowing machine on the other hand is low-impact no matter how intense you go since both of our feet and hands stay in constant contact with the machine.

About Stamina X and Stamina ATS

If you have already decided to go with which machine, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because apparently there are various good brands out there and you may want to spare some time to check what each one of them are capable of. But, for those who just want to be more convenient, trying those that have been chosen by similar users will cut the shopping time more effectively for they have a higher chance to fit your preference as well.

Among those huge collection of brands offering rowing machine in their catalogue and one of them is Stamina. This brand is very popular, if not the most well-known when it comes to rowing machine because they carry lots of models and the reason why many users are picking their products is because not only they are reliable and made with good quality but also has a good competitive price to let everyone get the best machine based on their taste and budget.

If you want to spend less than $500 in this purchase, two of the most ideal choices will be Stamina X and Stamina ATS which are very similar to each other but are also different because despite being the same air rower and using the same mechanism, the former is built to suit the kind of environment a professional gym is, compared to the latter that was designed based on home-use or purpose. When it comes to performance; however, we can equally exercise effectively with any of them.

These types of rowing machine is great for anyone who wants to get an amount of exercise right in their own house without having to visit the gym and is ideal for both men and women since the resistance are easily adjustable. But, Stamina X and Stamina ATS are not a high-technology fitness machines because the common features here are very basic and there is no advanced connectivity in which some expensive models may have to allow user sync or upload exercise data.

Stamina X and Stamina ATS Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these rowing machines are very much looking like any similar machines like Concept2 Model D vs E with a huge wheel or fan on one side and a long sturdy panel with a seat on top. They are however, having a different fashion options and comparing the two, we see why the X model is more ideal for enthusiast layout since who will not recognize the bold red paint it used now while the latter is subtler and pretty basic with its mostly grey paint.

They are made from heavy-duty steel and similarly have a weight limit of 250 lbs. thus, almost everyone can use these machines including overweight people who want to support their diet by exercising routinely. Putting them side by side, it seems that the X version is slightly longer but the tallest part on both machines show the ATS is a little bit taller as well but only by a few inches. What we love from the design is actually the folding mechanism for we can store them more conveniently.

Stamina X and Stamina ATS Air Rower

Moving further into the system, if you are familiar with rowing machine that most of them are using an air-resistance just like Stamina X and Stamina ATS. This system will require users to pull handlebar to spin the wheel or fan we can see on the machine and this motion will create wind which means the faster we rows, the more wind created as well. The more wind generated from this motion also means the greater the resistance becomes and heavier to pull as fast.

This is why we don’t have manual adjustment for resistance since they are done automatically as users pulling the handlebar and for those with more experience, they can go faster to generate heavier resistance while beginners may want to pull slower so the resistance won’t become as heavy.

Stamina X and Stamina ATS Features

Coming into the features side, both of them are featured with few standard convenience and one of them is a small computer to process your data or more like viewing them but in comparison, the X rowing machine is going to provide you with more room to view for can get stroke per minute, total stroke, distance, speed, time, and calories burned which are all the same like in ATS model but this machine has wider display so we can see it clearer from its seat.

The next common feature is an adjustable seat with some padding for comfort and this seat is adjustable to follow your height so they can be pushed closer or further from the fan. The foot panel is also featured with a strap to secure them in place when you need to pull the handlebar especially in an intense exercise.

Folding Stamina X and Stamina ATS

The last but not least attractive point of Stamina X and Stamina ATS we want to talk about is their convenient since it is necessary if you have to move them around or store at certain times. They have built-in wheels to ease users transporting the unit but our favorite is their folding system which is different between the two models. You will see that X version fold the fan towards the seat while ATS fold the seat towards the fan.

In comparison, the ATS should be more compact for storing purpose but the X will be safer since the fan is securely sitting on top of the steel frame. However, we have to pull the securing bolts first before executing any of these folding system.


As a rowing machine, we do see them as a similar machine because they have the same function and performance as well as technology thus, what we can do in X machine is possible as well in ATS. What set them apart besides fashion is material for the former is sturdier, computer for it has a larger display, and a more stable folding mechanism yet, not as compact.

Stamina X vs Stamina ATS

- Durable rowing chain; Air resistance
- Steel frame construction; Molded Seat; Padded rowing handle; Pivoting Foot Plates
- Foldable and built-in wheels for easy storage. Some assembly required
- EFFECTIVE CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE: Rowing on the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 helps burn calories, build total body strength and improve your hearth health.
- DYNAMIC AIR RESISTANCE: One of the main benefits of air resistance is that it always matches your pace. Row harder if you desire more resistance and ease off if you want less.
- LCD WORKOUT MONITOR: During your routine, track speed, distance, time and calories burned with the large, easy-to-read LCD display.


All in all there is no bad choice between the two for they are equally amazing for low impact cardio exercise and if we are to choose, we do prefer the Stamina ATS because it is cheaper and already working very well.

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