The Sole TT8 vs Nordictrack 2950

NordicTrack and SOLE are both leaders in medium and heavy duty treadmills. Highly rated, they both are excellent treadmills for runners and taller users. Common to both models are high power 4.0 HP motors, wide and long 22×60 running belt, built-in speakers & fan, Bluetooth, Heart Telemetry, and built-in programs. Both run at 12 MPH, and have a 15% powered incline.


With an idea for a premium treadmill, NordicTrack launched the Commercial 2950. The model comes as a convergence of advanced features for the home gym. In the recent market, it seems to be challenging to find an ideal treadmill like this one. The product has a large display, runs on a powerful motor, and offers a wide range of training programs.

On the other side, The TT8 is a treadmill that Sole builds for the long-lasting usage along with competitive warranties. It is commonly in use for office workout area or fitness centers. Moreover, the model can undoubtedly serve the home gym so well. Besides a large running area, a wide range of uphill and downhill adjustments, the treadmill is outstanding by its extremely high-quality rollers.

Comparison of Sole TT8 vs NordicTrack 2950

We make a comparison of two treadmills with eight main criteria. They include price, design, drive system, console, workout programs, speed/incline/decline, running area, and warranty. Read also: Sole F85 vs TT8.


There is no doubt that dozens of Sole TT8 and NordicTrack 2950 for sale are available on the market recently. However, without the sale seasons, the NordicTrack 2950 is on the rank of treadmills under $3,000, while the Sole TT8 costs under $2,500. Depending on wholesalers or retailers, the total price sometimes includes the shipping fee.

 The Sole TT8Nordictrack 2950
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions81 x 35 x 17 inches72.3 x 34 x 72 inches
Shipping Weight21 Pounds200 Pounds

Result: Sole TT8 wins

Design and Performance

To fit even into a small home gym, the treadmill must have a compact design. And both Sole TT8 and NordicTrack 2950 are no exception.

Sole TT8 is 58″ high, 36″ wide, and 82″ long. This foldable treadmill allows the user to weigh up to 400 lbs.

In terms of NordicTrack 2950, the model may take up more space than its rival. It comes with a dimension of 66.6” H x 39.2” W x 79.5” L and handles the weight capacity of only 300 lbs. As an offset for the disadvantage regarding design, the treadmill features SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist to help you move the machine quickly.

Result: Sole TT8 wins

Drive system

A 4.0 HP motor of Sole TT8 provides users with speeds up to 12 mph. Unlike Sole TT8, NordicTrack 2950 runs on a 2.0 HP motor at the same speed range.

As for the HP standing for horsepower, the higher this rate is, the more powerful the motor can run. However, in comparison with continuous-duty horsepower (CHP), HP is less effective. The CHP motor ensures stable operation and requires minimal maintenance during usage.

Result: NordicTrack 2950 wins


On the console of Sole TT8, you can find a phone holder, ports for USB, Bluetooth capabilities, cooling fans, and a sound system. Plus, it has a 10.1″ TFT LCD, one of the most advanced graphic displays of the Sole brand.

On the other side, the NordicTrack 2950 console is an improvement. The brand designs the treadmill with a 22” Smart HD touchscreen with a high-def display to enhance users’ experience. Moreover, it is the AutoBreeze dual fan power to keep you cool during the training.

Result: NordicTrack 2950 wins

Workout programs

Not only Sole TT8, but NordicTrack 2950 can also connect with the iFit Coaching programs. The app combines with speeds, incline levels of 0 – 15% (for both Sole TT8 and NordicTrack 2950) and decline levels of 0 – 3% and 0 – 6% (for NordicTrack 2950 and Sole TT8, respectively) to help you burn calories and keep fit as well as possible.

In addition to the iFit connection, these treadmills offer users a set of onboard workout programs. The NordicTrack builds its model Commercial 2950 with 40 programs in total. But the number of programs on the Sole TT8 is the only ¼.

A variety of workout programs will not get you bored when training. Moreover, the more in-built programs the treadmill has, the more challenges you can boost yourself to conquer and achieve fitness goals.

Result : NordicTrack 2950 wins

Running area

Generally, the running areas of Sole TT8 and NordicTrack 2950 are nearly the same.

A combination of the Flex™ Cushioning and 22” x 60” commercial tread belt is exactly the key. They help to prevent impact and joint injuries by nearly 40%. An extra-wide running area allows more elbow rooms for the runner.

The tread belt of these two is the two-ply one. This part improves the durability and ensures a quiet operation for the whole treadmill. Hence, you do not have to worry about ugly noise while running on these treadmills.

Result: Similarity


In many NordicTrack 2950 reviews, a shortage regarding warranties may cause customers to re-consider this treadmill.

While Sole TT8 offers the lifetime warranty for most parts, from the frame, motor to the deck, NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill does not. It is only a 10-year-term for the frame, a 2-year term for parts, and a 1-year term for labor.

Result: Sole TT8 wins

The Sole TT8 vs Nordictrack 2950

- Features a 3.5 horsepower motor and Cushion Flex deck with a 22- by 60-inch running surface
- Includes grip pulse monitoring and a heart rate chest strap
- Six standard programs, two user-defined programs, and two heart rate programs; speed range is 0.1-12 miles per hour
- Six-window LED display tracks your speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace
- 22" x 60" Tread Belt
- 0 - 12 MPH Speed
- Space Saver Design
- Runners Flex Cushioning


When considering treadmills, fitness shoppers tend to focus on the drive system, convenience, and technologies at most. And this comparison article shows that NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill performs better than the Sole TT8.

The advanced model of the NordicTrack brand supports runners on a high-quality, powerful motor. Its console with a full-set of convenient parts. Plus, the treadmill features modern technologies for the running area.

Despite the slightly higher price range, this NordicTrack treadmill is worth to consider. However, the budget is still your big problem; Sole TT8 is still an ideal choice with affordable price compared with tons of treadmill on the market nowadays.

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